MustaeV wishlist – Lips and Make-up Brushes Edition

Today I post the final part of my MustaeV wishlist dedicated to lips and make-up brushes. I think you guessed by now the great impression the brand made on me. I am very curious to try more of their products. I’ll definitely be back with reviews or impressions on their products as soon as I have them. Let’s begin !

 Lips :

At the very top of the list is the 10 SHADE LIP CREAM/PRO PALETTE. 10 various shades to mix and match as you please. Compact and easy to travel. Price – 45 dollars.

Next is the GLAZING LIP GLOSS – GOLDEN PEACH. For long-lasting, lustruous, shiny lips. Price – 18 dollars. It looks great on its own and makes the lipstick look and last better.

Make-up Brushes :

Firstly the face brushes :
SECRET V13 ROUND POWDER BRUSH – 77 dollars. Applies powder products evenly and discreetly.

SECRET V75 HD POWDER BRUSH – 49.50 dollars. Applies powder on specific, targeted places. It can also blend and buff liquid products into the skin.

SECRET V33 ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH – 44.50 dollars. My favourite blush/contouring type of brush. It applies evenly the product, without patches and the skin looks healthy and glowing.

Now the eye brushes :
SECRET E59 ANGLED CREASE CONTOUR BRUSH – 41 dollars. It provides a precise colour application and shading in the crease of the eye.

SECRET E31 POINT BLENDING BRUSH – 30 dollars. It is designed for smudging and blending to create a perfect smoky eye look.

SECRET E39 TWINKLE EYE BRUSH – 28 dollars. It is designed for smudging and blending the liner along the lash line.

SECRET E55 BLENDING SHADOW BRUSH – 30 dollars. It is designed for a natural blending effect.

SECRET E33 CREASE BRUSH – 38.50 dollars. It is designed for a natural blending of the crease area and creating depth with ease.

I really, really want to try the BLOOM POUCH (S/L)  – 30 dollars. I never have too many make-up brushes and I always have to improvise to keep them stored properly. The bloom pouch looks soo good ! Girly and fun !

Finally I want to try both brush cleansing products :
BRUSH CLEANER SHAMPOO (200ml) – 16 dollars. Created to deep cleanse brushes.

BRUSH CLEANER SPRAY (200ml) – 16 dollars. For a quick, convenient cleansing. Travel friendly.

And that’s it! I finished the current MustaeV wishlist. Small, isn’t it ? Yeah, I’m really intrigued by their products and eager to try them. I’m sure this is not the last time you read about MustaeV on this blog. Until next time ,  Love, M

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