Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil, info and review

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post features a newly-launched product I have been trying recently, the Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil. I have used it almost entirely so I’m ready to share my thoughts and impressions with you.

MoroccanEssence_AntiAgeCactus_Oil_beautyinfiveminutescom1The Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil is a pure, natural and precious oil from cactus’ seeds, having been used by Berber ladies from Morocco for many generations due to its hydrating, anti-aging and protective properties.

This oil is 100% natural and it’s easily absorbed into the skin (it is a dry oil) due to its high anti-oxidant concentration that fights the free radicals in the atmosphere (1 liter of oil comes from 30 kg seeds).The Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil is highly concentrated in vitamin E, with the highest concentration ever used in cosmetology : 1000 mg/kg; 150 % more than in Argan Oil. It has also a high concentration in Linoleic Acid and Omega 6. Hypoallergenic and for all skin types, for both women and men.

All these ingredients have multiple benefits for the skin such as : it hydrates and nourishes the skin in depth, it protects the skin against the free radicals (the source of aging), it prevents or reduces the appearance of wrinkles, it helps in the reduction of dark circles or spots and it closes the pores and gives the skin an uniform appearance and a smooth, fine texture.


Direction for use : It is recommended for use as an anti-aging night serum, or under the day cream for a better protection against the free radicals. Use a few drops in the morning or at night on the face, neck and décolletage and gently massage into the skin.  

Directions for storage : Keep the Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil away from the light at a maximum 20 degrees Celsius temperature, due to its high concentration in fatty acids and anti-aging natural anti-oxidants.


It comes in a 15 ml/0.5 oz. glass transparent bottle (I love the fact that I can see how much product I have left) with a pump (very hygienic and easy to travel with). It has an 18 months valability.

The oil has a runny texture and a strong greasy scent (from the high concentration of the cactus’ seeds) that disappears in a few moments. I am not very fond of the scent but I can manage it knowing the benefits this oil can bring me. So if you are scent sensitive, be aware!


I have used it mainly in the evening as a serum and it worked wonderfully. I pumped a few drops that I later massaged into the skin. The oil was very quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it very nourished and soft. Being such a concentrated oil it does leave an oily film on the skin.

I also used it in the morning before the make-up, when my skin felt really, really dry (several times). I left it some time to be absorbed into the skin, then I moved on to the make-up with a long-lasting non-oily base. My skin felt a lot better with this additional step.

What I noticed on my skin : it became more hydrated, nourished and soft after using the oil. I did not see any change in my wrinkles or dark circles and it did not close my pores. It did give the skin a more uniform appearance (by hydrating the dry areas) and a smooth, fine texture.

The Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil can be bought online from at the promotional price of 187.90 ron (15 ml).

For my combination to oily skin, this oil works very well during the colder seasons, especially in the winter time. In the summer the oil is too much for my skin, which gets quite oily on its own. For a lady or gentleman with dry or very dry skin, this oil is a must all year long! It hydrates and nourishes the skin wonderfully! From me it gets a -A (strong scent, an oily film on the skin – too much for a combination to oily skin, does not reduce the wrinkles or dark circles and a price that can be prohibitive). Until next time,   Love, M













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  • Ada

    It sounds great, but is quite an investment. I shall put on my wish list and get back to it when the founds appear.

    • Monica Tone

      Yes, it is quite an investment, but it works wonderfully if you have dry or very dry skin.

  • Drumul vietii

    It’s the first time I hear about these products. Your article is quite interesting.
    Thank you for sharing these informations!

    • Monica Tone

      You’re very welcome. I like to have as many options as I can, from the cheapest to the more expensive. I like to have choices to choose from, for me and you, my lovely readers. 🙂

  • Cosmin

    I didn’t know about this essence Maronac anti-aging but I suppose it’s great and smells so nice. A great chocie for those girls/women who take care of their skin. It’s not so expensive but if you really want to use high quality products it’s ok. I think it does its job well leaving skin soft.

    • Monica Tone

      Well the smell is not very nice but it is worth if you have very dehydrated, dry skin. If you take care of yourself , you love yourself. The same goes for ladies and gentleman.

  • Bianca

    Zilele trecute citeam despre beneficiile uleiului din fructe de cactus și era un articol care spunea că se luptă cu uleiul de argan și chiar l-ar depăși ca și proprietăți. Mă bucur că există produse dedicate îngrijirii care l-au inclus în componența lor.

    • Monica Tone

      Da, se pare ca este mult mai eficient decat uleiul de argan. Eu nu am incercat ulei de argan deci nu le pot compara dar este foarte bun pentru pielea uscata si deshidratata.

  • ella fairytale

    Nu stiam ca uleiul de cactus are proprietati antirid. Super!

    • Monica Tone

      Nici eu, pana nu m-am documentat despre acest ulei. Mereu avem ceva util de invatat 🙂

  • Interesant produsul! Nu am incercat astfel de ulei…de cactus! E bine ca invatam lucruri noi mereu! 🙂

    • Monica Tone

      Exact, nici eu nu stiam nimic despre el pana acum. Se pare ca este mai bun ca cel de argan. E bine sa avem din ce alege.

  • Nu stiam nimic despre uleiul din fructe de cactus si acest articol a fost unul pe placul meu. Sper sa reusesc sa pun si eu mana pe acest produs

    • Monica Tone

      Ma bucur ca ti-a placut postarea. Scuze de intarziere dar acum am vazut comentariul. Este un produs interesant.

  • Hadasa Almasan

    Habar nu aveam de uleiul asta. Oare are un miros puternic? Mie uleiul de argan imi place, dar mirosul ma omoara. As fi curiasa cum l-as suporta..

    • Monica Tone

      Are un miros puternic si cam gretos. Imi imaginez ca asa miroase fructul de cactus, pare un miros natural, nu artificial. Eu pot suporta decent mirosuri mai neplacute si trebuie sa marturisesc ca nu ma innebunesc dupa mirosul acestui ulei. Dar trece destul de repede dupa cateva zeci de secunde. Dar pot suporta mirosul pentru ca hidrateaza fata nemaipomenit.


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