Monica’s empties #3

I have accumulated some empties since the last post. Many of them were finished some time ago, the empties box was full, I decided it was time to tell you about them and throw them away. I will update you with this post once in several months, after thoroughly testing the products and having a clear opinion on them to share with you. So without further ado, let’s see the empties :

Make-up removers :

Gerocossen Argan Bio cleansing milk for face, eyes and lips – efficient make-up remover, especially for drier skin (the argan oil is nourishing to the skin; it has a thicker texture). The price is also very convenient,
therefore I gave it the -A grade (The smell was a little too strong; I didn’t like the thicker texture, it made it more difficult for me to use).

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Gel – very effective micellar make-up remover, very easy to use and time saving. I gave it the B grade (it is designed for sensitive eyes and my eyes, although not sensitive, stung a little from it).

Gerovital Happiness Face cleansing gel cream – an efficient make-up remover with a yummy smell! The price is also very convenient, you can easily find it in stores, therefore I give it the -A grade (100ml quantity is too small! I want more!).

Cora maxi make-up remover pads still my favourites at the moment; 100% cotton, 40 pieces per pack; soft and large – easy to use and covering a larger face area I use a smaller number overall. They don’t shred and efficiently remove make-up at a decent price of aprox. 5 ron. I gave them the A grade!

Hair care :

Batiste dry shampoo (xxl volume) – for all of you with oily hair like me Batiste dry shampoo is a miracle! I
can save the look of my hair whenever I need to, without having to worry about it looking greasy and flat! I just love the XXL Volume especially for the oomph it gives to my hair! I’m so very happy that I found it. I will definitely buy it and keep it ready to save the day…the bad hair day. It is a wonderful product so I wholeheartedly gave it the A grade.

Body and nail care :

Le Petit Marseillais Mandarin & Citron Vert Shower Gel – good daily shower gel, very suitable for the hotter seasons. It cleans the skin, leaving it refreshed and energized, but not very moisturized. It can be bought a decent price from the stores. Therefore I give it the C grade.

Yves Rocher Macadamia Nuts from Guatemala velvety shower cream – very good quality product for the price (it cleans well, nourishes and perfumes the skin). The A grade !

Lady Speed Stick Power Wild Freesia Antiperspirant Deodorant – good, efficient product for me in the summer time; I don’t use it all year long, it’s not healthy for the skin. I gave it the B grade (due to the unhealthy clogging of the skin).

Thai Spa Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry – a good product for normal to slightly dry skin (I have normal skin and it worked for me in the winter time; my mom who has very dry skin has tried it several times and it didn’t provide the moisturization she needed, she felt the need to further moisturize afterwards). I give it the B grade (it is designed for dry to very dry skin – it doesn’t nourish enough).

Oriflame 2 in 1 Protecting Hand and Nail Cream – a decent hand cream for the warmer seasons; it does not work for me in the colder seasons. It has an affordable price and can be easily found. I gave it the C grade.

Face care :

Elmiplant Seametry restructuring anti-aging eye serum – a great eye cream (very nourishing) at an affordable price. I give it the B grade (hasn’t reduced the bags under the eyes, it also has perfume, a well known irritant, not recommended for the eye area).

Gerovital H3 Classic face cream – review soon (I realized I forgot to publish it), I’ll link it here.  Perfumes :

Sephora Eau de Toilette Lemon Verbena – a great day to day perfume to wear in the hotter seasons. It is
travel-friendly and easy to use. My only regret is that it isn’t bigger in size! I simply love it! I gave it the -A grade (too small in size, lasts on me for about 2 hours).

Make-up :

Revlon Colorstay concealer – almost at the end of its validity, started to change its smell so I let it go. It is a great quality product for its price-range. It covers well the dark circles and stays on if set with powder. I gave it the B grade.

That’s it! I’ll publish the next empties as soon as I gather more products!  Until next time ,  Love, M


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