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Monica’s empties #2

My lovely ladies the time has come to present you with some of my empties I have accumulated since the last empties post. Many of them are quite old and realizing that the empties box was full, I decided it was time to tell you about them and throw them away. I will update you with this post once in several months, after
thoroughly testing the products and having a clear opinion on them to
share with you. So without further ado, let’s see the empties :

Make-up removers :
Nivea 3in1 micellar cleansing water – a decent make-up remover for the face for me, a too gentle remover for the
eyes for me, I need a stronger make-up remover. I give it the B grade.

Cora maxi make-up remover pads
still my favourites at the moment; 100% cotton, 40 pieces per pack; soft and
large – easy to use and covering a larger face area I use a smaller
number overall. They don’t shred and efficiently remove make-up at a
decent price of aprox. 5 ron. I give them the A grade!

Face masks and care:
Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Pac Masque – a good mask, it
cleansed well my skin, leaving it soft and relaxed. I give it the A grade.
Montagne Jeunesse Red Hot Earth Sauna Face Masque – a good mask, it cleansed well my skin, leaving it relaxed. The warmth from the mask felt really good! I give it the A grade.
Cosmetic Plant Eye contour cream with Q10 and green tea – a decent eye cream at an affordable price. I give it the B grade.
Hair care :
Nivea Classic Care shampoo – a decent, daily shampoo that cleans gently the hair. I give it the C
grade (daily shampoo, cleans decently at a convenient price).

Gerovital Sebum Control shampoo-treatment – did not work for me. It didn’t make my hair worse or better. It has an
affordable price, it cleaned well the hair but didn’t reduce the
oiliness so I give it the C grade.

Body and nail care :
Marionnaud Nature melting body butter with ground cherry – a good product for dry to very dry skin. It has up to 90% natural ingredients and no parabens or silicones. I
give it the B grade because of the price which I think is a little
higher for a body butter.
Douglas Home Spa Almond Oil and Sesame Oil –  a good product for dry to very dry skin (I have normal skin
and it worked for me in the colder seasons). It has almond and sesame oils and no parabens. I give it the B grade because
of the price which I think is a little higher for a body product.
Farmec glycerin hand cream – a very good hand cream for dry to very dry skin, especially in the
colder seasons. It nourishes the hands leaving them soft and perfumed
for a long time. Therefore I give it the A grade (good quality at a good
Masticspa Mastic Hand Cream – a very effective hand cream, extremely useful especially in the colder
seasons due to its nourishing, calming and soothing properties. It receives the A grade from me!

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover – OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is the best one I’ve tried! It removes
easily and fast the most difficult nail polish. I give it the A grade
and I recommend you try it! 

Make-up :
Nivea BB Cream – a good product, it nourishes, it evens out the skin, it has a decent coverage, it has a 10 SPF protection. I give it the B grade due to the lower SPF protection.
Milani Minerals Compact Makeup powder – a good powder, decently mattifying and setting the foundation.
Catrice Colour Show Lip Gloss – was not a hit for me. I like lighter, non-sticky textures in glosses. I like to add several layers on without gooping. I give it the D grade.

And that’s it! I’ll publish the next empties as soon as I gather more products! 

Until next time ,


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