Mission : Make-up removal #operatiuneademachierea

Today it’s finally time to unveil the make-up removal mission I’ve been given by Nivea. I wrote in a previous post about the importance of make-up removal for your skin and health. Now, with the help of Nivea I’ll show you how I remove my make-up easy and fast.

I’ve received three different make-up removals : the 3in1 micellar cleansing water, the double effect eye make-up remover and the 3in1 refreshing cleansing wipes. With them the make-up removal is easy, anyone can do it!

Let’s see Nivea’s own tips and tricks for a great make-up removal :

  • Keep the micellar water and cosmetic pads in front of your bathroom mirror! They will always remind you to take off your make-up all the time!
  • Now, in these hot summer days it is a great idea to keep your make-up removers in the fridge. They will be cooling and refreshing for the skin, making the make-up removal process a real pleasure!
  • If you tend to forget to take off your make-up, keep your cleansing wipes onto your bedside table. Now it is easy and comfortable to remove your make-up! No more excuses!

Now let’s see the products at work !  Mission : Make-up removal  #operatiuneademachierea has begun ! 

Before : 
full make-up with black eyeliner
After : 
happy, cleansed face. mission accomplished!

And here it is – Mission : Make-up removal  #operatiuneademachierea – the video ! Enjoy !

As you can see the removal of the make-up was fast and efortless. Good job Nivea ! Until next time ,  Love, M

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  • Multumim frumoas pentru articol…sa stie toata lumea ce bune sunt produsele Nivea <3 …o zi minunata iti doresc :*

  • Anonim

    Nicy baby :*

  • misiune indeplinita cu nivea … nu-i asa ?:D

  • bravo! foarte tare clipul! sunt produse pe care oricine ar trebui sa le aiba in casa!

    • Multumesc frumos! Da, ai mare dreptate. Nivea este pentru toata familia

  • Effective, affordable and friendly products that give your skin a luminous and youthful glow, along with a happy smile! 🙂

  • Curatarea tenului dimineata si seara face parte din rutina zilnica de ingrijire, fie ca ma machiez, fie ca nu. Acest set complet de produse Nivea asigura necesarul pentru ritualul zilnic de curatare a tenului! Prefer Lotiunea Micelara care, pastrata in frigider, aduce un plus de racorire in timpul demachierii in serile de vara.

    • Si bine faci. Acum vara tenul este si mai agresat, trebuie bine curatat si protejat. Ca sa avem o fata frumoasa si zambitoare tot timpul!

  • O gama de produse nemaipomenita pentru vara! 🙂

    • Sunt de acord, mai ales luate de la frigider, fac demachierea o placere.

  • Folosesc adesea servetele demachiante Nivea. De obicei cand ma grabesc, curat bine, sterg c-o lotiune tonica si aplic crema hidratanta.

  • Da, si mie imi plac;le folosesc daca sunt pe drum sau daca sunt foarte obosita si nu am chef de tot ritualul de demachiere. Sunt utile, nu curg in bagaj si nu ocupa mult spatiu.


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