Mission : Make-up removal #operatiuneademachierea

Today it’s finally time to unveil the make-up removal mission I’ve been given by Nivea. I wrote in a previous post about the importance of make-up removal for your skin and health. Now, with the help of Nivea I’ll show you how I remove my make-up easy and fast.

I’ve received three different make-up removals : the 3in1 micellar cleansing water, the double effect eye make-up remover and the 3in1 refreshing cleansing wipes. With them the make-up removal is easy, anyone can do it!

Let’s see Nivea’s own tips and tricks for a great make-up removal :

  • Keep the micellar water and cosmetic pads in front of your bathroom mirror! They will always remind you to take off your make-up all the time!
  • Now, in these hot summer days it is a great idea to keep your make-up removers in the fridge. They will be cooling and refreshing for the skin, making the make-up removal process a real pleasure!
  • If you tend to forget to take off your make-up, keep your cleansing wipes onto your bedside table. Now it is easy and comfortable to remove your make-up! No more excuses!

Now let’s see the products at work !  Mission : Make-up removal  #operatiuneademachierea has begun ! 

Before : 
full make-up with black eyeliner
After : 
happy, cleansed face. mission accomplished!

And here it is – Mission : Make-up removal  #operatiuneademachierea – the video ! Enjoy !

As you can see the removal of the make-up was fast and efortless. Good job Nivea ! Until next time ,  Love, M

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