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Mini video interview with Andreea Esca

As I told you in a previous post today was the day in which all prices were discounted to 50% at the The Half Is Free shopping event held at the Ark. There were many Romanian designers with interesting, original designs from clothes, to shoes and accessories. The beauty category was represented by Melkior, Mineralium Dead Sea and more, whose prices also were also 50% discounted.

The atmostphere was very relaxed and filled with energy. There was quite a buzz in the building with everybody trying to get the best deal and to see the latest release from each brand. It was a lovely event where all fashion and beauty lovers could gather and enjoy the best products at very convenient prices.

The most important thing for me there, was the presence of Andreea Esca, the gracious host of the event, who gave me the first mini video interview of the blog. Thank you Andreea Esca and Alexandre Eram. Here it is : (Be kind to me I was very nervous as an amateur who is interviewing an excellent TV professional)

I leave you with pictures from the event.
Until next time ,  Love, M

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