You know that I’m very picky with my mascara: I want volume, definition and lenghtening without the mascara clumping my lashes or having a fall-out onto my cheeks. I also want it to be very pigmented in colour and not to dry very soon. Not many things, right ? Well I think I may have found the right mascara. 

Factor is launching a breakthrough 3-in-1 mascara innovation creating a striking
using a savvy combination of wand technology and expert
formulation. The
result is an all-out glamorous lash-look that oozes high glamour. The
mascara is part of the Glamour collection, which also contains an
eyeliner, a single eye shadow and a wild shadow pencil.

Factor research recognises that women today want it all when it comes to
lashes, not wanting to settle for just a single benefit from their mascara. In
order for them to achieve their ideal lash look it must deliver on all three of
the key benefits for glamorous lash lovers – volume, length and darkness. It is
for these women that Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara has been
created, delivering on the top three desired mascara results – length, volume
AND darkness. 

                              How does this unique
volumising and lengthening formula work?

VOLUME: The Masterpiece Glamour Extensions
3-in-1 mascara formula contains volumising prills which form
spherical wax particles
, that act as spacers between lashes to make them
appear fuller

LENGTH: In tandem, this lash extending
formula contains over 30,000 carbon black fibres in each tube
! When
applied, these fibres weave into the smooth sculptable
formula for an instant lash extension effect

DARKNESS: As lashes are bolstered with the Carbon
black fibre formula the darkness will intensify.

Make-up artist secret weapon for a striking lash look? The “Instant Impact Wand

The Instant
Impact Wand for Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara has been created
to excel at delivering extra impact lashes by expertly displacing more formula
on to the lashes compared to larger wands. 
It’s unique quality is that the brush places a bulk of
mascara at the base of the lashes which gives lashes incredible lift.
combined with the lash extending fibres formulation works to deliver a truly
incredible lash look.” 

cleverly designed mascara applicator ensure direct and extremely tight contact
between the wand and lashes, so every stroke delivers more. When removed from
the mascara tube, the instant impact wand is evenly and heavily coated in
formula, ensuring an extreme transformation from first stroke. Once applied to
lashes, the bristles come though from inside, combing through lashes and
separating for an exquisitely dramatic finish.

Pat McGrath, Max Factor
Global Creative Design Director, comments, “We’ve
seen lashes in all shapes and sizes making a come-back recently. From bold and
clumpy to outrageously fantastical and luxuriously luscious lashes – it’s all
about making a statement. For me,
Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara
is perfect in allowing
women to play and create a sense of opulent, voluptuous, even boundless lash
looks – in just one or two strokes.” 

Max Factor MASTERPIECE  GLAMOUR EXTENSIONS 3-in-1 mascara can be found
in stores at the recommended price of 62,52 ron.  Until next time ,

A dose of English :
savvy/savviness – practical understanding; shrewdness or intelligence; common sense
to ooze – to display some characteristic or quality
to prill – to convert (a material) into a granular free-flowing form   
wax – ceara
to bolster – to make (something) stronger or better : to give support to (something)
to stroke – to rub gently in one direction
bristle – a short, stiff hair, fiber
boundless – not limited in any way : having no boundaries   

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