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Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is a long awaited one, I have been asked many questions about my make-up brushes, what I use and how they perform so I decided to write a post on my current make-up brush collection. I have been using the brushes in my collection for over five years almost daily so I can give you a thorough review for each and every one of them (I will write separate posts for each make-up brush), this post is an overview for the entire collection. Let’s begin!

makeup_brushes_collection_beautyinfiveminutescom1For applying bases (foundations, BB/CC creams, concealers, primers/bases) I use the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 brush. As its name suggests it is a flat kabuki brush, thick in consistency that applies and buffs the liquids well into the skin. It dries in a matter of hours due to its thickness (you can see it above and yes it is clean, as clean as it can be after using the Revlon Colorstay foundation, renowned for staining the tools).

As an alternative I have its sister the Sigma Angled Kabuki F84 brush. Again it is a flat kabuki but it is angled so it applies the liquids better in smaller areas, around the nose, it buffs the concealers and it applies well the creamy bronzer/contouring and the highlighter.

I tend to use my fingers to blend the concealer  around the nose or under the eyes but when I feel like using a brush I use the blending Sigma E25 (a famous MAC 117 dupe). It is a fluffy, small blending brush that blends and buffs the products into the skin in specific areas. It is easy to use, wash and it dries almost immediately.

For blending the liquids in larger areas I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush, it is bushier, larger and it blends the concealer and applies the setting powder over it, for the specific, smaller areas. It dries pretty quickly.


I apply the powder onto the face with the Inglot  15BJF/S powder brush. It is a pretty large, bushy brush that applies the powder evenly onto the face, without caking it. It washes and dries decently.

As an alternative I also use the Real Techniques blush brush to apply the powder. It is rounder in shape, perfect for applying the blush and blending, but I use it for powder. It washes well and dries decently.

For blush I have three brushes : the largest of them all the Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 is easy to use, applies well the blush and blends well for a natural effect. It can also apply bronzer/contouring and highlighter. It is easy to wash and dries quite rapidly.

The second brush is my MustaeV V33 Angled Contour, it has basically the same shape as my Sigma, but it is smaller in size and shape. It applies the blush is more specific areas and can also be used for applying bronzer/contouring and highlighter. It dries very rapidly.

The last blush brush is the Real Techniques 300 from the Bold Metals collection (the one in rose gold). It is a small, rounded, flatter brush, best for applying blush in small, specific areas, or better for highlighter. It is easy to wash and dries quite rapidly.


For contouring I have an expert brush that does the work all by itself : the KIM F227 brush. It is a flame shaped blusher brush, for applying the blush evenly and highlighting the cheeks and face. I use it for contouring, the tip is rounded and applies the powder in the specific place I want it and by twirling it round and round it blends well the powder into the skin. Contouring has never been easier for me!

For highlighting I have two brushes, each with a specific task. For creamy/liquid highlighter I have my ELF Small Stipple brush, it applies perfectly and evenly the products onto the skin. It washes and dries pretty rapidly.

For powder highlighter I have a no-name Fan brush which does its job well. it scratches a bit, it is not the softest but for the small amount of time I use it, it is worth it.

And I will wrap this post up for now, it is too long already. I will be back with the second part of this post, filled with my eye make-up brushes and more. Tell me What brush do you want me to review first? Until next time,   Love, M








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