My make-up brush collection part 2

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is the second part of My make-up brush collection, dedicated mainly to eye make-up brushes. I have been using the brushes in my collection for over five years almost daily so I can give you a thorough review for each and every one of them (I will write separate posts for each make-up brush), this post is an overview for the entire collection. Let’s begin!


The majority of my eye make-up brushes are by Sigma, I am very happy with their quality, they are soft, they don’t shed, they dry very quickly and mine are originals (how do I know it? all original Sigma brushes have on the metal ferrule engraved the Sigma logo, as you can see below).

IMG_2456For blending I use three types of Sigma brushes (I have two of each, this is how much I love them): the Blending Sigma E25 (I have already spoken of it in the first part of this post), the Tapered Blending Sigma E35 (pictured above), a larger, fluffier, blending brush. It blends the colour better, on larger areas. If I want my colour to be very discrete, I use this brush in the crease, for a soft application.

The larger of them all is the Tapered Blending Sigma E40. It is the longest of them three and all black (the first two are with white bristles). It also blends very well the colour and, as all of them, can be used for concealer and pinpoint product application of highlighter/contouring.

For applying product into the crease, or in the inner or outer corner of the eye I have three brushes : the bigger one is the Sephora Professionel Dome Shadow brush. It is small and compact to deposit the product in a specific place. It did not shed and it dries pretty fast.

SephoraProfessionel_DomeShadow_brush_beautyinfiveminutescomThe second brush is a famous, no-name brand the Megaga E9-15 brush. I bought it from a make-up exhibition as a back-up for my Sephora one. It is slightly smaller in shape and length. The surprise was that it did not shed, lose colour and it is easy to use, wash and it dries pretty quickly.

The third brush is a different one, the Pencil Sigma E30. As its name suggests, it is a pencil brush, a rounded, small brush that can apply easily product in the small inner eye corner, or smudge under the eye, or in tight corners.

Pencil_Sigma_E30_beautyinfiveminutescom2To smudge the eyeliner/crayon under or above the eye I use two brushes : the first is the Smudge Sigma E21. It is a small smudge brush that can work in very small areas for a specific task.

The second brush is the Make Up For Ever 210 Wavy brush. It is my first brush from the brand and I am very happy with it. It is slightly wider than my Sigma one and its bristles are shorter. It works better for smudging under or above the eye.



To apply the gel eyeliner I have a small brush from Angelo Toray 875 (it is a drawing brush, not a make-up one, but it does the job very well). It offers a precise eyeliner application.


For the application of the product on the lid I have several brushes. This is a straight forward operation, not a specific one so I tend to buy no names and invest in make-up brushes that do specific jobs. Still I have two Urban Decay brushes that I received with my Naked 1 and 3 palettes.

For the Naked 1 palette I received a grey Urban Decay Shadow brush. It is flat on the sides and round at the top, slightly stiffer, for the perfect application on the lid. It is easy to use and it dries pretty rapidly.

UrbanDecay_Shadow_brush_beautyinfiveminutescom2For the Naked 3 palette I received a golden rose double sided brush the Urban Decay J3AC : one side for the lid application, the other side for blending. Both do their job well, plus it’s perfect for travelling or tiny touch-ups on the go.

UrbanDecay_J3AC_naked3_brush_beautyinfiveminutescomI have several no name brushes from a Chinese brand named Fakeface, again they are flat on the sides and round at the top, but no so stiff as the Urban Decay ones. They are of a lower quality, they shed quite a bit but for the moment they do their job decently.

Another pleasant surprise are two brushes that I bought a lot time ago from MUA Makeup Academy (the famed low cost brand), I have the E3 Blending and Shadow Brush and the E2 Eyeshadow Contour Brush. Surprisingly they did not shed one hair, they did not lose colour or shape and they washed and dried pretty quickly. For a beginner in the make-up world or someone who does not want to invest a lot of money, buying the MUA brushes is a good idea.

And finally I also have a brush for my eyebrows : the ELF Eyelash and Brow Wand. It is a normal brow brush with a spooly that I bent for a better use. It does its job well, but now after quite some use the brush starts to move inside the ferrule.

ELF_EyelashandBrow_Wand_beautyinfiveminutescom1I also have a lip brush but I’ll post it together with my travel make-up brushes, because I use it mainly when I’m out and about. And this is it! Tell me What brush do you want me to review first? Until next time,   Love, M

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