MAC New Shop in Plaza Romania and Magic of the night make-up collection

My lovely readers I am very happy today! Finally M.A.C. has heard my prayers and opened a store close to my home in Plaza Romania mall. The store is very freshly opened and is very near to the main entrance in Bd. Timisoara. It is good news, on the one hand, for me and you – I can keep you up to date with the latest releases from MAC photos, swatches and all. On the other hand it is bad news for my wallet, now my MAC wishlist will only increase in size ..

credits : Plaza Romania

I have made a video on Periscope from the location so if you want to see the store, check out the link below :

If you want to see my live videos follow me on Periscope (app available both on App Store and Google Play) : @adrianatone. The recording lasts for 24 hours on Periscope.

If you want to see a replay follow me on Katch : @adrianatone (the replay recording is permanent).

Now let’s go back to the Magic of the night make-up collection, the latest launch from MAC. Get ready for an enchanted evening that just won’t stop. Play it cool this holiday with eyes in deep smoky hues, and lips that boldly lead the way for a night of unexpected thrills. Jazz it up with new Colourdrenched Pigment in pearlized, creamy hues. The magic is in the night, darlings. Let’s have some fun.

It is a wonderful make-up collection, you can already find in the stores, really suitable for bolder, night time make-up looks. It is a collection filled with sparkle, light and fun. Let’s discover it together :


I hope I have tempted you enough to pay this new MAC store a visit and enjoy the products you can find there. Have a great holiday season! Until next time, Love M

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