MAC Mariah Carey Collection, gold and glamour

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is really special for me because it features a collection I have wanted for quite a long time : the MAC Mariah Carey Collection, launched this month (in Romania from the 15th of December). Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge Mariah Carey fan, since 1990 the year she was launched into music. I love her voice, music, talent and creativity and I was super excited when I’ve heard about her collaboration with MAC, and even more that it will also be launched in Romania. When you say glamour and ultimate diva, you say Mariah.

The pre Christmas gift I made myself from the collection.

Her collection oozes glamour, diamond and gold sparkle and makes every woman wearing it, feel uber pampered, sexy and very glamorous. The MAC Mariah Carey Collection has touches of neutral brown-gold shades, taupes, peach and of course champagne-y nudes. The collection contains a wide variety of products for the eyes, face and lips, all made with careful attention to detail (the lipsticks have the butterfly embossed into the bullet, the butterfly being a very important symbol in Mariah’s personal life and career).

And what can I say about the packaging ? It is simply gorgeous!! I am a huge fan of the limited edition MAC collections and collaborations ands I have collected quite a few pieces (the MAC wt Rihanna being one of my very favourites), but this Mariah Carey collection tops everything!!

The packaging is golden and sparkly extending to all the pieces in the collection and all the products are wearing the specific Mariah signature, making them very collectable for the die-hard fans. I feel that I can talk about this collection for many hours on end so I’ll stop and present you the beautiful pieces in this collection and share with you my first impressions on some of them I’ve already tried in the store.

The Eye Products :

mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom1There are two eye shadow quads in this collection, the first one being the I’m That Chick Eye Shadow x4, (5.6 gr – 184 ron/41 dollars). It has been designed by Mariah and can be used wet or dry. This quad is more warm toned and it ranges from shimmery light gold shades to dark brown shades, all in perfect harmony.

The colors are very pigmented and easy to blend. I played a little with them in the store and liked both quads. It was very hard to buy just one.

mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom1aThe second quad It’s everything Eye Shadow x4, (5.6 gr – 184 ron/41 dollars) contains cool tones of color from muted grays and taupes to plums and dark red-brown tones. Again it is very pigmented, finely milled and easy to blend.


There is also a Liquid Eye Liner in This Is My Night (22 dollars). It is a dark brown shade, that appears almost black on the skin. it has an unique applicator  for lining and defining the eyes and creating graphic designs on the face and body.


If you prefer a more dramatic or defined eye look, you can try the Mariah Carey false eyelashes in Don’t shame me (more discrete) and It’s like that y’all (more dramatic) – 18 dollars. Both are limited edition and both have a kind-of-butterfly shape both in the Mariah golden signature packaging.


The Face and Body Products :

There are several face products in this collection and I’ll start with the two blushes. Firstly it is the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Powder blush (coral toned with a discrete gold sheen), warm toned and my favorite. It is very pigmented and applies evenly but you need a light hand with it to make it appear natural on the skin.

mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom3mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom3aThe other blush is a cool toned one, the You’ve Got Me Feeling powder blush (light candy pink). This one is also very pigmented so you need to use it sparingly. Both blushes cost 107 ron/24 dollars.

mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom4mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom4aIf you like to use bronzer or highlighter, you can try the Extra Dimension Skin Finish in My Mimi (9 gr – 193 ron/45.50 dollars). This is described as a limited edition liquid powder highlighter to create a luminous, well-defined finish. The formula promises to last up to 10 hours. Well it is a highlighter for medium to dark skin ladies. It is a very pigmented bronze-gold powder that must be used very, very lightly to look natural for a light skin lady.mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom5

I couldn’t help myself and bought it although I have light skin, because it is gorgeous. I will most probably use it as an eye shadow and very lightly as highlighter on the cheeks when I am more tanned. I am sure it will look great.

I am sure this is the highlight of the MAC Mariah Carey Collection, the product that everyone will want to have because of the beautiful shade and of course the packaging, who doesn’t want to have a powder with Mariah’s face embossed on the front? I am heartbroken that I have to ruin Mimi’s beautiful face..

If you don’t fancy a golden highlighter, you can try the Loose powder in Touch My Body (8 gr – 39.50 dollars). It is a silky, ultra-fine powder in a radiant, gold shimmer. It is designed for the body and the packaging is gorgeous! It comes in a sparkly, silvery box with an old-school powder puff applicator.


As you can see from my swatch this powder is quite loose, therefore it doesn’t work on the face; it will fill the entire face with tiny sparkly particles. It looks great on the hands and body, especially with a great tan.

The Lip Products :

Firstly there are two lip pencils in this collection : the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil (1.2 gr – 103 ron/22 dollars) in New Ombré, a cool peach shade perfect for a nude lip. The second one is So Dramatique, a deep brown shade to complement the lipsticks. I tried them both in the store with both lipsticks and lipglasses. Both are very pigmented, creamy on the lips, they don’t dry them and are very long-lasting.


There are five lipsticks (3 gr – 99 ron/20 dollars) in the MAC Mariah Carey Collection – two Frosted and three Cremesheens in texture. The frosted lipsticks are All I Want (champagne shimmer)  and I Get So OCC (shimmering brown). The creamy, hydrating Cremesheen ones are : Dahhlinggg! (pinky peach), MCizzle (cool peach) and Bit of Bubbly (soft pinky nude).

Left to right – I Get So OCC, All I Want, MCizzle, Dahhlinggg!, Bit of Bubbly.

These are also very coveted due to their beautiful packaging and attention to detail; I think this lipstick bullet with the butterfly embossed and the gorgeous silver glitter with champagne gold accents is the most beautiful that MAC has ever launched! I love it!!

The shades, as you can see, are mostly nudes. Mariah is known for her lack of love for the strong, bold lip shades, she considers them not very suitable for her complexion and skin. I am not a fan of the Frosted finish, so I don’t think both Frosted lipstick particularly suit me.

I tried in the store all three Cremesheens. The Dahhlinggg! and MCizzle are quite similar on me. The MCizzle  is slightly darker and more peach toned, the Dahhlinggg! is lighter and pinker in tone so I chose the MCizzle lipstick in the end. Bit of Bubbly is very light on my lips, it doesn’t suit my skin. All three lipsticks are creamy and hydrating on the lips but fade on me after 3 – 4 hours.

There are also lipglasses (4.8 gr – 18.50 dollars) in this collection – 4 available in stores : Little Miss Monroe (true gold shimmer), It’s just like Honey (tan shimmer), Dreamlover (dirty pink shimmer), Rainbow Interlude (soft white shimmer) and one online Butterfly Bling (pink bronze shimmer).

Top to bottom – Little Miss Monroe, It’s just like Honey, Dreamlover, Rainbow Interlude.

These lip glosses are also limited edition and contain a new Oilshine Moisture Complex, a blend of babassu, coconut, apricot and jojoba oils to soften and condition the lips.

I tried the Dreamlover lipglass on my lips and loved its glossy shine but not its sticky texture. I don’t like to feel my lips sticky when wearing gloss but it is indeed more long-lasting on my lips than usual. I think these shades will look even more great as lipstick toppers; they really complement well all the lipsticks in the MAC Mariah Carey Collection.

The Make-up Brushes :

To make this collection even more fabulous, there are two make-up brushes with the gorgeous Mariah packaging : the 239 Eye Shader ( 133 ron/28.50 dollars) and the 183 Buffer (240 ron/59.50 dollars). Both brushes have handles with silver glitter and champagne gold accents, together with Mariah’s signature.

mac_mariahcareycollection_beautyinfiveminutescom9The 239 Eye Shader is a soft and dense brush used to shade or blend the eye shadow. It has a rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibres. The 183 Buffer is a dome-shaped brush used to blend and buff powder onto the skin.

The MAC Mariah Carey Collection is certainly the most beautifully-packaged collection from MAC. I am truly happy that I could buy some of the products from this collection and by doing so, I could discover more the MAC universe.

It is a collection of firsts for me (first MAC powder blush bought, first Extra Dimension Skin Finish powder, first MAC eye shadows, first MAC make-up brush). I am definitely eager to try more. The MAC Mariah Carey Collection is available in all MAC stores right now but hurry, hurry up! There are already sold-out products in this collection. I hope I have inspired you to check this collection out in stores, it is definitely worth it! Until next time,   Love, M














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