Luviane – the Romanian all natural hand-crafted perfumery maestro

Hello my lovely readers, today I am happy to share with you a Romanian brand called Luviane (as Iulia-Victoria Neagoe – the brand founder – recalls – the name Luvia, from which the brand name Luviane comes, is a variant of the word Love; the love for the Romanian values and traditions of the brand). I found out its story on an lovely Autumn evening when I was invited to a special location – the elegant Cantacuzino palace, to find out more about its Romanian perfume range – Miresme Romanesti.


Luviane is a Romanian artisanal brand created for all natural perfume lovers, which uses old crafts and techniques to create very personal perfumes, that are inspired from the artist’s personal experiences and her love for the Romanian folklore with its myths and symbols.

Luviane’s perfume line is based on natural ingredients (mostly bio) and they do not contain any sulfates, lead, parabens, synthetic flavors,  propylene glycol or lauryl sulfates. The ingredients for the perfumes are essential oils from flowers, seeds, fruit or plants (you can see some of them in the gorgeous perfume presentation above) that are cold-pressed or distilled to create wonderful scents. Keeping up with its eco mission the packaging is recyclable, the boxes are hand-made from the pulp with no wood ingredients and the cloth from inside the box is manually woven in a loom.

The Romanian perfume range – Miresme Romanesti contains 4 women perfumes Mister, Dryada, Matronalia and Kotys, one children’s perfume Zâna Florilor, one men perfume Darzalas and a limited Christmas edition perfume Neios. All of the 4 women perfumes translate into one special phase in any lady’s life as each name suggests.


Mister – the brand’s best-seller and first perfume, it has floral notes of ylang-ylang, santal wood and jamin and it is dedicated to the sensual, mature woman who is sexy and confident.


Dryada – is inspired by the Romanian Sânziene holiday and it represents the fun and playful seduction period of searching for one’s pair. It is a floral-oriental scent, that has two very symbolic main ingredients – the basil (is a great bearer of good fortune) and the jasmin (a good omen flower that is given on the Dragobete day, the Romanian equivalent of Valentine’s Day), well accompanied by the oriental notes of patchouli.


Matronalia – represents the beginning of a young family life and is inspired by the Roman new year holiday Matronalia. It is an oriental perfume with notes of patchouli, cinnamon and anise.


Kotys – is the mother’s perfume, Kotys is the mother goddess in the roman-greek mythology. It contains orange blossom, azalea, lavender and also myrrh and incense, which – if used with moderation – are allowed during pregnancy and also the lactation period.


Zâna Florilor – is about the innocence and beauty of the children. It combines the azalea with neroli, verbena and citrus to create a fresh and beautiful perfume.


Darzalas – is the only perfume for men in the range. It is strong, seductive and exciting due to its notes of vetiver, tabacco and cardamom. To add a touch of sensitivity it ends with a note of  cypress.

Neios – will be released as a limited edition on Christmas and it brings joy and happiness with its notes of anise, orange, cinnamon, fir and vanilla.

luviane_jewelry_atelier_beautyinfiveminutescomApart from the making of perfumes Luviane has broadened its portfolio with jewelry hand-made from silver and semi-precious stones, close connected with the perfume line.

The fairies are a collection of stylized figurines made of silver decorated with precious stones which can be custom-made by each customer.

The perfumed embellishments are pendant or mini bottles on a silk string where you can pour the desired perfume. They are made out of silver with fine intricate designs and semi-precious stones, making them a perfect gift of any special lady in your life.

I really like the idea of a niche, natural, hand-made perfume that is worn by few. And they are all Romanian, and they value and promote the old Romanian arts, crafts and traditions. You can find yourself in any of these perfumes and I like it very much that you can customize your jewelry and gifts for all your loved ones. My favourite perfumes are Mister and surprisingly Zâna Florilor. It’s indeed fresh and innocent. Love it! Go and check them out they are worth it! You can find them at





















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