L’Oreal Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil – nature’s perfection in a bottle

    ‘Earth laughs in flowers‘ – Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
Flowers. Perfection of nature. Innocence. Timeless beauty. 
Fragility. Power. Magic of colours and perfumes. Inspiration.
    “How I long to see
among dawn flowers,
the face of God

     Matsuo Bashō,


We always long for perfection, for beauty, for eternal youth. L’Oreal Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil. A magical blend of eight essential oils that
hydrate and brighten the complexion and eight precious oils : jojoba, olives, sun flower, rosehip, passiflora, apricot, corn and rice bran extract. Recommended for every skin
and designed for every woman ranging from 20 to 50 years of age

How to: Daily use, alone or to
complement your day and night regime, on a cleansed face and neck. It is recommended to use three drops in the morning, before applying your
makeup and four or five drops in the evening, apply the oil
to your fingertips first, rub them together to warm it up and then massage onto the skin. Allow the oil to absorb
before applying your day or night cream if needed.

Uses: As a complementary product to the face cream – for normal to dry skin (you can also add a drop or two to the face cream for extra care – very dry skin). Added into the face mask for a better nourisment of the skin. Added to the foundation for a very dry and dehydrated skin for a better looking, brightened skin. Added to a drier formula concealer for a better and smoother application. Applied onto the lips for cracked, very dry lips as a treatment for a faster healing.
The texture of the oil is very light and it absorbs very quickly into the skin, leaving it smooth and velvety without any oily residue (yes, you can use it even if you have an oily or combination skin). And the smell .. the smell is wonderful giving me a luxurious feeling, a spa-like atmosphere .. a touch of orange, a touch of exotism and mystery .. perfection in a bottle.

If you want to find out more information about this wonderful oil, you can read the post shine-like-gold-in-winter-time . You can find out more about the oil and other L’Oreal products here .
     L’Oreal Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil – one product, many uses. 
One product, eight essential oils and eight precious oils.  
Because there is only one L’Oreal Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil. 
Because you’re worth it !
‘Ah butterfly,
what dreams do you ply
with your beautiful wings?’
Kaga no Chiyo

     This article was written for L’ Oreal beauty blogger school.
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A dose of English :
to ply – to go or travel regularly over, on, or through 

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