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IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening the perfect accessory for a glam night

Today I want to talk to you about a problem we, women, are having quite often when we want to go out and we are doing our make-up : the colour of our bold lipstick to wear – that gorgeous dark lila, the berry kissed one or the hot as fire red ? Well, we put one on and we discover that it makes our teeth very yellow. And we cannot give up our daily cup of coffee or our guilty pleasure of having a glass of red wine at dinner. What to do ? IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening kit comes to the resque!

The IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening with MOHA complex  provides an instant whitening of the teeth (up to 8 shades whiter) with its active stain remover,  while it restores your enamel and strengthens the teeth. The kit contains 10 pre-filled ready-to-use trays with product. It is clinically proven safe and effective.

IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening is an easy to use, safe and an instant teeth whitening product. This is a home treatment that should be used only 20 minutes a day for instant results, up to 8 shades whiter. The product can be used for 5 consecutive days for even more great results or you can use it whenever you feel it is necessary. The one-size-fits-all trays are pre-filled with active gel and are hygienically packed.IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening 1

 Why is IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening  different

from all other whitening products ?

It gives an instant whitening effect and actively and efficiently removes stains thanks to the unique film-crystallized Calcium technology. It delivers a highly soluble source of Calcium therefore strnghtening the teeth. The tray is designed to whiten both the front and back of the teeth (teeth are translucent and stains on the back can show through the front).

It’s a one step system: easy to wear and use: the one-size-fits-all trays are soft and flexible. Each tray is pre-filled with just the right amount of whitening gel, which is formulated specifically to prevent sensitivity, clinically proven to be dental safe and instantly effective. The IWhite disposable trays are thin and flexible to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum performance. You will see an immediate effect after the first application but you can use the product for 5 consecutive days for optimal results.

How to Use :

Store in a cool dry place between 2°C and 25°C away from heat and direct sunlight.

1. Brush teeth gently before each application.

2. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry.

3. Remove the pre-filled tray from the sealed sachet and immediately place the tray in your mouth ensuring the gel is in contact with the tooth surface. Upper and lower teeth can be whitened at the same time.

4. Gently close your lips over the tray and carefully close your mouth. Caution: biting too hard may cause excess gel to ooze out of the tray and away from the teeth. Avoid swallowing the gel.

5. Remove the tray after 20 minutes and discard immediately. Gently rinse with water the remaining gel away from your teeth and gums.

Ingredients : Hydroxyapatite, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phthalimidoperoxy- caproic Acid, Aroma, Citric Acid, Sodium Levulinate, Acrylates/Acrylamide Copolymer, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Fluoride, Mineral Oil, Xylitol, Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Acesulfame, Polysorbate 85. Contains Sodium Fluoride (950 ppm F-).

As you can see, you can whiten your teeth as home, as easy as 1,2,3! I was always afraid to use these types of whitening products for fear of not using them correctly and damaging my teeth. I am happier now since I know it is safe and easy to use and I can control the level of whitening and exposure to the product by using it more often or once in a while.

You can find the  IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening kit in all Sensiblu pharmacies at the price of 139 ron. The IWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening range also contains a tooth paste and mouthwash with whitening effect and a professional teeth polisher that removes the dental calculus (tartrul).

Now you’re ready to wear your favourite bold lipstick and feel like a glamorous diva! The night is young and you can party  until morning! Until next time,   Love, M

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