Inglot Secret Volume Mascara, review

Hello, my lovely readers. Long time no see! After a difficult period at work and some health issues I’m back today with a new post. This time it’s a review of a mascara I have used for a while : Inglot Secret Volume Mascara.

inglot-secret-volume-mascara-beautyinfiveminutescom1It is a mascara that promises thicker, longer, and more defined lashes. It promises a natural volume that can be achieved with its densely packed silicone brush. It is is suitable for most lash types and promises not to smudge or flake. Let’s see if it keeps its promises!

It has 6.5 ml/0.22 oz of product and a valability of 6 months after opening. I love its wand, it is not very big but not very small either. It has tiny silicone bristles that distribute the product evenly onto the lashes, not clumping them, but giving them length and volume from the roots to the tips of the lashes.


It is indeed hypoallergenic, I didn’t have any irritations and eye issues when using it. The wand is easy to use and the effect the Inglot secret volume mascara gives the lashes is natural, the way I like it. You can see it below (sorry for the not so clear images, my camera did not focus enough).

inglot-secret-volume-mascara-beautyinfiveminutescom3inglot-secret-volume-mascara-beautyinfiveminutescom4You can find it in all Inglot stores or you can order it in its online store It is priced at 49 ron.

All in all, Inglot Secret Volume mascara is a great mascara, I like its lengthening and volumising effect that looks pretty and natural. It did not clump the lashes and its price is affordable therefore I give it the A grade. Until next time,  Love, M


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