Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir Ma Premiere Robe, mon premier amour

Yes, Guerlain is the only  one that can make me write in French. And love in French. Yes, I’m in love with my new perfume from Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir Ma Premiere Robe. I’ve always been attracted by England due to my love for the English language. But step by step by discovering the magic world of Guerlain I fell in love again with France and the oh so stylish French language.

Yes, I’ve always been intrigued and fascinated by the timeless elegance and effortless chic style of the French women. They have an inner attitude and chic that money can’t buy; they always look so fresh, elegant yet simple. They definitely live by the “Less is more” rule.

guerlain_lapetiterobenoire_mapremiererobe_edp_beautyinfiveminutescomThis summer I decided to spurge and buy my first Guerlain perfume, as my birthday gift for myself. I have had little contact with the Guerlain products, I have a few (Guerlain Rose aux Joues Blush Duo in Peach Boy, Tenue de Perfection foundation, Guerlain Météorites and Les Voilettes compact powder – review soon), but I definitely want more. I absolutely love all the products I have tried before from Guerlain but my thirst to discover more products from them has only increased in time.

I thought for quite a while about what the first perfume from Guerlain would be (an important milestone), and haven’t decided anything, because I kind of like them all, except for Samsara which is too exotic for me right now. So I decided to follow my heart and intuition and buy the one perfume that spoke to me the best in the store. And  I went in, tried several and fell in love almost instantly with La Petite Robe Noir Ma Premiere Robe. Quite suitable for my first Guerlain perfume, right ?


La Petite Robe Noir Ma Premiere Robe is a limited edition, floral fruity perfume, released in 2015. It was created by Thierry Wasser and its top notes are almond, red berries (Currant), bergamot and Cherries. And interesting combination. The heart note is Black Rose and finally the base notes contain Almond, Tonka Bean and Black Tea.

It is an timeless, elegant perfume that is at the same time modern and contemporary. It is quite sweet and floral (but not sickeningly sweet), more suitable for the cooler seasons and special occasions. I must admit that this choice of perfume is unusual even for me (I usually prefer fresh, clean floral perfumes rather than sweet ones).



I love its timeless character. I adore its simple yet oh so elegant bottle and packaging. It is definitely a product that can be easily collectable and it would look perfect in any queen’s (past or present) room. Every Guerlain product is a magic experience in itself. Each product is a jewel. So beautiful, so perfect in all its aspects. And I don’t speak about the quality of all Guerlain products, this is a fact by default. Each product is an universe in itself that must be discovered, explored and enjoyed.

In the packaging I also received a Guerlain sticker book to personalize my perfume bottle as I wish. I thought it was a really interesting and fun thing to do, each Guerlain lover can explore its own personal relationship with the perfume.

guerlain_lapetiterobenoire_mapremiererobe_edp_beautyinfiveminutescom5I saved the best for last : the La Petite Robe Noir Ma Premiere Robe’s  special, magic fragrance. The one that worked its magic on me in the store and made me fall in love with it. I adore it, its timeless elegance and beauty that makes me feel special, attractive and seductive no matter what dress I wear. I can understand Marylin Monroe when she said she only needed to wear a perfume and nothing else. It’s true. You only need the perfect perfume for you and the right attitude, the rest is irrelevant.

I am definitely in love with my first Guerlain perfume, the La Petite Robe Noir Ma Premiere Robe was the right choice for me. I am definitely going to explore more Guerlain perfumes, my Guerlain perfume collection has begun with the right one. A perfect birthday gift at a perfect time, a great memory for me for many years to come.  You can find it in selected stores and online.

“The perfume is the most intense form of the memory”. Jean-Paul Guerlain





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