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Guerlain Happy Rosy Glow Collection to celebrate the 30th Meteorites anniversary

Hello my lovely readers today I bring you the latest Guerlain Happy Rosy Glow Collection which was created to celebrate 30 years from the creation of the wonderful Météorites, a cult product from the house of Guerlain. As I said before I was a late bloomer in discovering Guerlain but everything I tried from them before I liked. I adore the violet scent that envelops the make-up products and the luxuriant and chic packaging especially in the limited collections such as this one.

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The collection celebrates the natural, fresh beauty of the skin that glows from within and has a pink radiance that is very attractive. This is the effect that was aimed when the meteorites were created in 1987. This limited collection contains three products :

The Météorites Happy Glow Pearls (357 ron/53 pounds) – contain an unique mix of coloured pearls of powder to color correct and the Stardust Technology to create a healthy radiance to the skin in a beautiful packaging and enveloped in the unique, addictive violent scent.

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The Météorites Happy Glow Blush (258 ron/38 pounds) – brings the gorgeous healthy radiance of the météorites in one blush. This diamond-like powder of the blush is encapsulated in microspheres, to create soft-focus perfecting halo around the face accentuating the light on the cheeks and making the skin radiant and youthful.

Personally I adore the fresh and youthful looking pink cheeks, I think a good blush can make all the difference in your appearance, it can make all the tiredness disappear and make you look younger and fresher.

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The KissKiss Lipsticks in 2 shades: Blossom Glow & Pearly Pink (191 ron/27 pounds) – are beautifully packaged in an exclusive pink case with a rainbow reflection on them. The lipsticks are enriched with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres for soft, full lips. Also the Commiphora oil helps smooth the lip surface for perfectly kissable lips. Even more the lipsticks have a vanilla-violet fragrance topped with the yummy scent of berries.

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The Guerlain Happy Rosy Glow Collection is a gorgeous limited edition collection that is already available in stores, I love both its feminine and girly packaging and its iconic products. I love my pinks both on the face and on the lips and I am sure that this collection will sell out fast. It is a perfect gift for all the ladies on Valentine’s Day so gentlemen what are you waiting for ?

What else is new from Guerlain ? A new mascara the Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Mascara (22.50 pounds) that promises intense color, dramatic volume, curl, length and definition. It has a long-lasting effect and it is perfect for all lash looks, from the most natural to the most glamorous. Sounds really good, right ?

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Its formula is a combination of beeswax and vegetable origin waxes to lengthen the lashes and create volume. By adding curling polymers to the formula creates a beautiful curve of the lash without clumps and bumps. The D-panthenol cares for the lashes.

The brush is especially designed as a 2-in-1 tool, to create the lash look you want. If you wiggle the brush horizontally from the roots of the lashes through to the tips you will create volume, curl and length. If you want definition, hold the wand vertically and push the ball-shaped end through the lashes so you can capture the tiniest and thinnest lashes at the inner corners of the eyes.

I don’t have a Romanian price since this mascara is now launching here in Romania, but I will update this post as soon as I have the information. I am really curious about this mascara since it promises the lash perfection. I will check it out in the stores and I will be back with my impressions.

As per usual all the Guerlain new products are very interesting and a perfect gift for the special lady in your life on Valentine’s Day. I think that a Guerlain product can do no wrong, any woman will feel wonderful and special using it. If you like any of these products check them out in stores. Until next time,   Love, M











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