Good news : Marks&Spencer has opened a new shop in Plaza Romania mall

I normally write on this blog about beauty related things but I will always make an exception for my very favourite British shops. I love Britain, with its culture, customs and traditions, with its friendly, helpful and polite people, with its sweet, musical language and its shops! I have already written about other British shops so it’s time I will show you another one : Marks & Spencer. Warning : many, many pictures ahead !

the opening of the M&S store in Plaza Romania

Founded in 1884, M&S has grown from a single market stall to an
international, multi-channel retailer. We sell stylish, high quality,
great value clothing and home products, as well as outstanding quality
food, responsibly sourced from around 3,000 suppliers globally.

It’s amazing what a penny can do. ‘Don’t ask the price, it’s a penny’
was the slogan Michael Marks used when he opened his first bazaar in
Leeds in 1884. It couldn’t be any simpler and both his idea and hard
work soon paid off. But it was when Michael went into partnership with
Tom Spencer in 1894 that the company we all know really started to take
shape; built around the five key principles of Quality, Value, Service,
Innovation and Trust.

Did you know that we sold our first bra in 1926? We started to sell more of life’s essentials, including underwear. Since
then the bra has become our most iconic product, with one in three
women now wearing one bought from M&S.

Or even that when we were one of the first to introduce ‘avocado
pears’ in 1959 one customer tried to serve it as a dessert with
In March 2013 we returned to our roots and opened a stall at Kirkgate
Market in Leeds, the same place that Michael Marks opened the first
Penny Bazaar stall in 1884. Our M&S heritage stall and coffee shop
is located right beside the famous M&S clock in the 1904 Kirkgate
Market building and marks the starting point of our Heritage Trail.

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The new shop houses fashionable clothes and accessories for women, men and children, sportswear, lingerie and nightwear and many other things. New to Romania is the food section which was opened in a separate side of the shop, where you can find all sorts of British goodies  from teas and sauces to wine and ginger beer. Yum!
I’ll leave you to enjoy the photos :

Women :
I have asked about the possibility of bringing M&S beauty products in the shops: it is a possibility in the future, so I won’t lose hope! The store is the largest yet 1600 metres square and it is definitely worth visiting !  Until next time ,

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