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Hello my lovely readers, long time no see. I’m back today after a long period of absence with my impressions on the Gerlinea products I’ve received for testing from Buzzstore. I have heard about Gerlinea but I haven’t had the opportunity to test them before. So when I saw the Gerlinea campaign from Buzzstore I entered to quench my curiosity.

Gerlinea_shakes_drinks_beautyinfiveminutescom1The package arrived in a very short time and inside I received 4 meal substitute drinks (two café frappe and two exotic fruits) and a pack with 5 chocolate flavored milk-shakes that can also substitute a meal. I also received several brochures with more info on the Gerlinea diet which went to my family and friends.

From the beginning I want to say that I did not intend to lose weight (although I need it) because I am currently under a liver treatment and I have other health issues and I wanted to keep my eating normal, not to experiment new things right now.

My impressions on Gerlinea meal substitute drinks :


I liked to drink the Café Frappe one in the morning to substitute my breakfast and my coffee, it’s really fast and convenient especially if you are in a hurry in the morning and you don’t want to lose time preparing a meal.

The texture of this drink is a bit thicker, kind of floury but it didn’t bother me too much. I really liked the flavor and I drank it with pleasure. It tastes even better taken from a fridge on a hot morning.

The drink has 330 ml and it has 74 calories per 100 g which is pretty great!

Gerlinea_drinks_beautyinfiveminutescom1I really liked the Exotic Fruits flavored one too! It is less sweeter than the previous one and more fresher, slightly tart. It’s really refreshing from the fridge and it really revives you if you are tired or without energy.

Both drinks kept me full for 4-5 hours until the next meal, which I didn’t really expect since I usually get hungry after drinking liquids instead of solid meals.

They can be found in stores and online at the price of aprox. 12 ron. I am definitely buying them again, they are perfect for mornings on the run when I am tempted to buy something, usually not very healthy, on the road..

The Gerlinea chocolate flavored milk-shakes


There are 5 portions in the package (30 gr each), each individually wrapped, which makes them perfect for travelling or taking in the purse at work. I received the chocolate flavored package and I was very happy to drink chocolate and not put on weight!


Gerlinea_shakes_beautyinfiveminutescom1The shaker is very colorful, fun and easy to use. I followed the instructions and prepared the shake. It was really tasty! Smooth and velvety and not sickly sweet (as I was afraid). It fulfilled my cravings for sweet things (I only drank them in the evening when I felt the need for sweets) and I felt full until next morning! Pretty great that I could skip the night-time cravings!

For one meal (30 grams) it has 203 calories, it is very good! If you need to lose weight it gives a great portion/calorie control. It can be found in stores and online at the price of aprox. 45 ron. I am definitely curious to try some other flavors for these shakes (chocolate is not my no1 flavor). I really liked the fact that it was easy to travel with, easy to prepare and it kept the hunger away for many hours. And it wasn’t too sweet, I can’t stand very intense sweet flavors.

For me the Gerlinea testing was a very pleasant one. I did not expect to like the drinks so much and to get well with the sweet chocolate flavor. I am definitely interested in trying more products from Gerlinea and test them when I am fully restored to my health. Tell me : Have you tried any Gerlinea products ? What were your impressions ? What should I try next ? Until next time,   Love, M




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  • I love their protein bars. I also tried this milk-shakes, but i hate the taste.

    • Monica Tone

      Yes, it’s all about individual taste. I haven’t tried the protein bars, which one should I choose?

  • cel cu ciocolata merge, celalalt nu prea este pe gustul meu dar este folositor!

    • Monica Tone

      Da, depinde de gust. Imi plac ca au un gust bun dar numar de calorii mic, ma feresc de cumparat prostii..

  • Gia Gianina

    Nu le-am incercat dar am vazut multe postari despre shake uri. Cu toate ca nu ma dau eu in vant dupa bauturi cu continut de lapte, cred ca le-as incerca.

    • Monica Tone

      Nu este obligatoriu sa pui lapte, poti incerca cu ceai de fructe sau pepene verde sau galben. Eu am incercat cu alte shakeuri si a mers la fel de bine.

  • Carmen Si David Alexa

    I”ve never tried this product, but i”m very curious about this line. I think i will buy them next time i”m at the market.
    A little sad because i didn”t saw the campaign earlier. So that i could tried them too 😛
    But i”m over it now.
    Kisses 😉

    • Monica Tone

      Don’t be sad, from what I’ve seen, there are Gerlinea campaigns from time to time, you just have to check Buzzstore more frequently. I liked the products, I am eager to try more now.

  • Sanda Brezniceanu

    M-a atras din prima clipa shake-ul cafe frappe, era pe gustul meu inainte de a-l gusta, dar acum sunt superincantata.

    • Monica Tone

      Este foarte bun, chiar tine de foame si este bun si rece si la temperatura camerei, dupa gust. Ti-l recomand!

  • Le-as incerca si eu, dar nu ma incanta prea tare pretul 🙂

    • Monica Tone

      Da, nu sunt cele mai ieftine dar poate intra la promotie prin magazine

  • Am auzit multe despre aceste produse, dar inca nu le-am incercat. Probabil cand o sa le vad prin magazin o sa imi atraga atentia si le incerc si eu. Sunt curioasa cum sunt 🙂


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