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I created the Focus on … type of post to bring the brands better into your attention – with their stories of success and the people behind them. This time the focus will be on Vectem, a Spanish brands of dermatocosmetics, quite unknown in Romania. Vectem creates dematocosmetics – cosmetic products recommended by the doctor for specific skin problems or needs, for adults and even babies.

Vectem S.A. is a pharmaceutical laboratory, founded in Barcelona as a family business in 1965 ; its first product was PON-EMO COLAGEN – the first dermatological cleanser. It was the first emulsifier, dispersant, creamy foaming cleanser with lipoproteins and collagen, being the first non-aggresive washing product for all types of skin and hair.

Another highlight is the Mahiou cream – boosts the circulation, whicle reducing rheumatic pains (also very useful in reducing the frostbites). There are also the Tractopon creams – with 15% urea to moisturize and repair dry, rough and cracked skin; and with 30% urea to treat areas of very dry and hyperkeratotic skin.
The beauty division created Xhekpon – an anti-aging cream with collagen and aloe vera. The product revolutionised the face care market due to its excellent quality at an affordable price.

This is only a small preview of their many products. If you want to find out more check the Romanian site For the international site – here You can find their products in pharmacies.
I have to admit I’m really curious about the Tractopon creams for dry to very dry skin – for my mother and also the Xhekpon face cream for me. I have to investigate the site more. There are many products waiting to be discovered – if you see them in pharmacies check them out ! Until next time ,

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