Flormar Up to 7 days Shine & Color 031, review

Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with a review on a two step nail system from Flormar : the Flormar Up to 7 days Shine & Color 031. I was very curious to try a nail polish that promises to stay put for up to 7 days and needs no UV lamp.


Flormar Up to 7 days Shine & Color 031 (Femme fatale) offers shiny and gel-looking nails in just 2 steps without the need for a UV lamp. It has a specially designed brush for a quick and easy application. After applying 2 thin layers, you can apply a layer of UV Top Coat on top of the nail polish. Thanks to its special quick dry formula the nails will be ready very fast and will look smooth and shiny.

Flormar_uptosevendays_shinecolour_031_beautyinfiveminutescom1It has a good brush which I love, it makes it so easy to apply evenly on the nails. I applied it over the Farmec treatment polish I used as a base, then topped it off with its UV top coat. It dries very fast in one minute or so for the first layer, I added another layer to get the colour shade I wanted.

I used it with the very useful Melkior Nail Laquer Correction Pen (perfect for the clumsy polish users like me, who always dirty the nails with the nail polish, especially for the more intense shades). I adore it, I can easily clean the nail polish around the nail to make it look perfect.



I love the fact that it dried fairly quickly compared with other nail polishes, and it stayed on for a decent time (3-4 days) which is great for me, I usually chip the nail polish in the same day I applied it. I also love the colour and how it looks on my nails (red is always sexy and it makes me feel confident and great no matter what).

It can be found in stores and online at the price of aprox 31 ron. From me, it gets a B (great quality, fast drying, decently lasting, great colour, affordable price for a two in one set). I leave you with more pictures. Until next time,  Love, M












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