My first lip-impressions from Joko Make-up

Hello my lovely readers today’s post features my first lip-impressions from Joko Make-up, a Polish brand that is fairly new in Romania. On Thursday the 12th of January the first Joko Make-up Showroom in Romania will open in the World Trade Center commercial gallery inside Pullman Hotel (Montreal Plaza 10). Therefore now it’s the perfect time to share with you my impressions on a few lip products I have from them.



Joko Make-up Moisturizing Lipstick in 50 (Ma Cherie) and 51 (Red Hot) :

The Moisturizing Lipstick range is available in 12 pigmented colors that leave a long-lasting feeling of moisture on the lips. The lipsticks moisturize, soften and smoothe the delicate skin of the lips. Rich with valuable ingredients – Natural Waxes, Shea Butter, Antioxidants and UV filters.

I have two lipsticks from this range, the 50 (Ma Cherie) a frosted pink and 51 (Red Hot) a warm, hot red.

Both of them feel very moisturizing on the lips, they don’t dry them and they keep the moisturization for several hours. They are quite pigmented, especially the 51 Red Hot, which out of the two is my favorite (I think you already guessed it, given my love for all reds).


joko_lipstick_51redhot_beautyinfiveminutescom2I really, really love the comfortable feel they give to my lips. They do not leave a sticky film on the lips, they do not dry the lips, they are pigmented enough to apply only one layer, or to add more layers if you want more colour.

They last for around 3-4 hours on my lips (and I am a notorious lipstick eater) and they fade nicely. They are the perfect lipsticks for my day-to-day make-up looks.

I usually leave home early in the morning and arrive home late at night so I like my make-up to last but feel very comfortable on the skin. I have used these lipsticks to death since I got them and I still love them now.

They can be found online at and in the Joko Make-up Showroom at the price of aprox. 35-39 ron.



Joko Make-up COLOR & SHINE Colour Lip Balm in 01 :

This is another lip products I have used and I can share with you my impressions on it.

It is a creamy lip balm in 4 sweet, colorful shades, for an effect of slightly moist lips. It contains a blend of natural regenerating waxes: Beeswax and Palm Leaves Wax to soften and smoothen the lips.



The COLOR & SHINE Colour Lip Balm feels slightly less pigmented and moisturizing than the Moisturizing Lipsticks. The shade I have is 01, a darker-red shade. I like the shade but I still prefer the lipsticks. Even in two or three layers it does not have the pigmentation and color I want on the lips. On me, it fades much faster in around 1-2 hours and I have to reapply.


I like its stick packaging, it’s slim and easy to travel with, especially when it does not need sharpening, it’s a twist-up pencil. I usually take it with me at the gym and use it to refresh my make-up.

You can also find it online at and in the Joko Make-up Showroom at the price of aprox. 35-39 ron.

All in all, I like these lip products from Joko Make-up a lot, especially the Moisturizing Lipsticks, which have become my go-to lipsticks in my day-to-day make-up. I am very pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the products and their affordable prices (I still have a mascara and one nail polish in tests right now, so come back to the blog for some new reviews on them soon).

So if you want to discover a new brand and try new products pay them a visit starting the 12th of January in the Joko Make-up Showroom – at the World Trade Center commercial gallery inside Pullman Hotel (Montreal Plaza 10). I am sure you will love them, I will definitely visit them, I want to try some more new products from them, so do expect to hear more about Joko Make-up on the blog. Until next time,   Love, M








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