ECCO Shape Collection, Autumn/Winter 2016 – a mix of high-tech and high-heel comfort

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is all about those sexy shoes. We all want them because they make our feel appear endless, slim and sexy no matter what clothes we wear or how bad we feel. A beautiful and high pair of shoes makes all the difference. But with the high heels often comes the pain and discomfort. Well, I have great news for you : ECCO, the renowned Danish footwear and leather goods brand, has just launched a new collection, the ECCO Shape Collection – which is a mix of innovative design and technology to create footwear with high heels that not only look good but also feel good.

eccoshapecollection_fallwinter2016_beautyinfiveminutescom6The ECCO Shape Collection is a part of the Autumn/Winter 2016 and it is created to achieve a seemingly impossible goal : to design high-heeled footwear that feels very comfortable and also look great! The comfort of these shoes is created mainly by the unique shank of this collection that creates a shoe that looks 15 mm higher than it really is and due to its lower height the shoes are more comfortable to wear.


The collection contains high and low boots and shoes in classic, super-soft leather finish, or edgy, on-trend, snakeskin finish, or with  fashionable lace flourish; with heels of variable heights of 35, 55 and 75 mm. All the shoes are handcrafted from premium leathers, with anatomically-structured shanks and foot beds to support the natural shape of the feet.



The ECCO Shape Collection is inspired by all the extraordinary women and their dynamic lives to create a statement look that is at the same time fashionable, comfortable and easy to wear, the perfect accessory for the contemporary woman. I leave you to enjoy this collection and if you fancy it, go and check it out in all ECCO stores (today is the last day with 20% off reduction on the ECCO Shape Collection, in the newly opened Park Lake store). Until next time,   Love, M



A dose of English :

shank : the narrow part of the sole of a shoe beneath the instep ;

shankpiece : a support for the arch of the foot inserted in the shank of a shoe.


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