Douglas Devil Eyes Mascara, review

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m back with a review of a mascara I have used recently and liked very much : Douglas Devil Eyes Mascara. I have had and used this mascara for quite a while so now it’s time to share with you my thoughts on it.

douglas-devileyes-mascara-beautyinfiveminutescom1The Douglas Devil Eyes Mascara is designed to define and elongate each lash while giving it a boost of volume. Its curved brush glides perfectly over the contour of the lashes and grabs and coats each lash with product for a spectacular lash look. The tiny hairs at the top of the brush also give the lashes a push-up effect for defined, sensual lashes. The wand contains hairs of different lengths arranges in different directions for a volumized, elongated, intense lash look.


Directions for use : Apply the mascara in zig-zag motions from the roots of the lashes to the top. Apply on the bottom lashes with the top part of the wand.

The Douglas Devil Eyes Mascara comes in a 8 ml recipient and has a valability of 6 months. As you can see below it comes sealed in a plastic-tight wrap. I really love its fun and fierce look with the red-hot flames on the packaging. It gives me a sense of fun and freedom, to do what I like with no limits to my imagination. It’s red-hot!


I really love the wand. I usually prefer the smaller wands, because I have quite small eyes, so a small wand is easy to use and I can coat even the smallest of lashes from the bottom to the top. The curved wand coats easily each lash, defining it, elongating it and giving it a slight curved look. It has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply on the lashes and keeps them from clumping.

You know by now that I prefer a rather discrete lash look, not a spidery one. I like my lashes, elongated and defined with volume, but in a discrete, natural way : to look good without looking artificial. And this mascara is perfect for my requirements as you can see below :


Its colour is very pigmented (mine is black) and it stays on the lashes all day long without dropping down on the cheeks (it is a normal mascara, not a water-proof one).

It can be found in all Douglas stores and online at the price of 55 ron/ 15 eur.

All in all, the Douglas Devil Eyes Mascara is a good mascara for my needs : it coats easily each lash, defining it, elongating it and giving it a slight curved look, with no clumps. Its colour is very pigmented and it stays on the lashes all day long without dropping down on the cheeks. It has a decent price and it is easily available in stores and online. In short, I give it the A grade. Tell me Have you tried this mascara ? What are your impressions ? What other Douglas mascaras should I try ? Until next time,   Love, M

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