Digital Divas tidbits

     Digital Divas 2015 has begun. Let’s become digitally empowered!

      The first speaker was Adrian Telespan who shared with us the recipe his digital success.  

      Next Chris Simion the famous director and writer shared with us her inspirational story.  

The last speaker for this first session was the famous climber Alexandru Gavan who shared with us his moving recollection of the Nepal earthquake , he went through.

The efforts of all the fellow alpinists and the others to save as many lives as possible are touching. He created an active campaign through which he tried to collect as  much money as possible for the Nepalese people in need. You can donate money too. Acess
Digital   Divas 2015 – Avon, Samsung Galaxy S6, UPC and many others have made this event possible.                       

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