Cosmobeauty 2016 – impressions and haul

Today I managed to visit Cosmobeauty 2016 beauty exhibition on professional estetics (body and facial cosmetic, hair, make-up, tools and equipment, mani-pedi, various beauty therapies, etc).  It takes place from 8 to 10 of April at Crystal Palace Ballrooms (Calea Rahovei 198A, Sector 5, Bucharest) from 10.00 to 18.00. The entrance ticket is 10 ron.

What can you find there ? Well  basically the same brands that were present the years before ; this is good, on one hand, because you know if you have a favourite brand or product that you’ll find it there at a reduced price. On the other hand, I (as a visitor of the previous editions) would like to see and discover new brands, services and products beside all the known ones.

You can find there brands such as : Melkior – great quality for an affordable price – post here , Cupio, Malu Wiltz, Farouk, Chi, Kardashian hair care, Biosilk – post here , Babyliss, Paese – the best mattifying powder review here , Make-up Atelier Paris, Orly and Jessica (new in Romania) nail polishes, Aseyda and Cosmetica Verde products – great reductions, products starting with 5 ron, Make-up For Ever, Nastelle, Parisax, Cinecitta, Maq Pro Paris, Techir – the Romanian skincare, Cuccio, Roubloff make-up brushes and many more.

If you like any of their products go and check Cosmobeauty 2016 out tomorrow! I left with a small haul (I’ve been very good and bought only the things I knew I needed or if there was a very good deal – such as Milani nail polishes at 3 ron). Sorry about the quality of the photos in the collage I arrived home very late and the light was not so good.

COSMOBEAUTY2016 collage haul

I leave you with some highlights of this year Cosmobeauty exhibition – if you are a lover of make-up, nail and hair care or beauty in general this event is a must! Until next time,   Love M





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