Collistar Transparency collection gets you ready for sun and fun – swatches

When I went to the opening of Debenhams I noticed the Collistar display and the new collection but I didn’t have the time to check it out properly. So I promised myself I would be back. I did and now I present you with the latest collection from Collistar – Transparency. The collection is created in collaboration with industrial design brand Kartell which is known for its transparent designs.

They used their trademark imagery for the Collistar Transparency collection creating a brand new special packaging. The collection is already in stores in Debenhams, Douglas and Sephora.

The collection contains :

Four silk effects eye shadow quads – in 70: Jelly, 71: Charles Ghost, 72: Fly, 73: Frilly – €16,75/75ron

Swatches :

Charles Ghost

As a first impression from the swatches, they have a fine, silky texture, they apply very well, they have a decent pigmentation and they blend well too.
Two professional eye pencils in 16: Shangai (down), 17: Thalya (up) – €17,50/75ron
Swatches :

They are very pigmented, they are soft, they glide smoothly and they last!!! A long time!! After they set I tried to wipe them off … couldn’t ..

One multi blush+eye shadow quad (the most interesting from the entire collection!) – €32,95/145ron
Swatches :

Again soft and easy to apply, gorgeous colours, very pigmented, they blend like a dream …. WANT IT!!!
Three professional lip pencils in 17: Dune (pink), 18: Moon (peach), 19: Matelasse (orange)€17,50/75ron
Swatches :

   Again very pigmented, they set, they don’t budge!! Fab!

Four gloss design glosses in  29: Papyrus, 30: Cindy, 31: Shine, 32: Take – €21,25/75ron


Swatches :

I didn’t like the glosses at all: very shiny, very low pigmented, had to layer several times to see something on the swatch. Good at adding on top of lipstick , otherwise no colour at all. Very sticky, they goop if layered (see first swatch) … A no, no for me!

Four gloss nail lacquer gel effect in 515: Victoria, 544: Mobil, 554: Maui, 575: T-Table – €7.75/35ron

And finally a sexy look sensual oil face and body illuminator€22.50/99 ron


I leave you with two small videos to see the swatches live.

All in all, a beautiful collection full of colour, light and character, just in time for Spring and Summer! I already have on my wish list the multi blush+eye shadow quad and the eye and lip crayons.
If you like this collection go and check it out in the stores! Until next time ,

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