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The Body Shop British Rose collection, a gift on its 40th anniversary

Yesterday The Body Shop has turned 40 years old. A respectable age for a brand that prides itself in doing things the different and right way, breaking the mold. The brand’s history started in 1976 when Anita Roddick created a brand who wanted to make people feel very good – face, body and soul but at the same time not to exploit but to enrich people and the planet, its biodiversity and resources. The brand is working fairly with the local farmers and suppliers thus helping communities to better their lives. The brand’s products are high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up and are never tested on animals. “We are proud to be original, irreverent and campaign for what’s right; together we can do it. Enrich Not Exploit. It’s in our hands.” The Body Shop

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The British Rose collection –  body, bath and make-up products

I can think of no better way to celebrate this special brand anniversary than the launch of its latest collection – The British Rose. It’s no secret by now that I love all British things, when I go to England I feel like home. I also happen to love both the look and especially the scent of roses. When I look at the beautiful roses in my garden I think of my grandparents who so lovingly started this beautiful garden.

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You can imagine I already love this collection. First of all I think the packaging is lovely, discrete and very British. The collection has products for the body and bath and also a small make-up range.

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There are products perfect for pampering during the bath time – for all tastes and prices : a shower gel (35 ron), a petal soft bath foam (51 ron), an exfoliating soap (29 ron), an exfoliating gel body scrub (89 ron), an instant glow body butter (63 ron), an instant glow body essence (88 ron), a petal soft hand cream (25 ron – 30 ml, 53 ron – 100 ml) and a British Rose eau du toilette (98 ron).

There are also three gift sets starting with 75 ron (the cheapest) that will make any anniversary or celebration a happy day.  You can find all the products in The Body Shop stores and online.

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the body shop british rose collection-beautyinfiveminutes-2016cIf the body and bath products are not your cup of tea, you may want to check out the small make-up range. The star of this small range is no doubt the British Rose eye & cheek palette (157 ron). It is a special edition make-up palette that contains a perfectly harmonized range of nude, peach, rose and grey shades for both discrete day looks and smoldering night looks. There are 6 eyeshadows (4 shimmery and 2 matte) and 2 shades of blush.

the body shop-british-rose-palette_-beautyinfiveminutes-2016

the body shop british rose collection-beautyinfiveminutes-2016eThere are also a large variety of Lip & cheek Stains (56 ron) in Pink Hibiscus, Red Pomegranate, Vineyard Peach, Dutch Tulip, Dark Cherry, Pink Guava, Bright Peony, Deep Berry and Dusty Rose (I love the names, it makes me feel like I’m on an exotic island).

The nail polish lovers are not forgotten with the British Rose Colour Crush nail colour 350 (29 ron) – a pretty nude peach perfect for any occasion.

I already have some of the products from this special edition British Rose collection in my wishlist, I love both the packaging and the scent. And the lip & cheek stains really call out to me, especially the reds and pink (of course!). If you love the roses check out this collection in the stores! Until next time,  Love M

photo credits: the body shop

A dose of English :

not one’s cup of tea – not one’s choice or preference ; used to describe an activity you do not enjoy.

smoldering –  hot

to call out – to summon, demand ; to attract


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