Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+, Natural tint, review

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is the first review of many of the products I have used this summer; mainly SPF and skincare, that is extremely important for the health of the skin, you can read more on it here. The star of this review is the newly launched Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+, Natural tint.



I have to admit I was really excited about this product designed for oily/combination skin like mine, I have searched for a long time a two-in-one product, part high SPF, part color correcting product, to save me the time and bother of layering two products on top of each other (you ladies with oily/combination skin like mine know what I’m talking about, there is nothing worse than feeling your skin clogged with product in the summer, we all want as thin and light products as possible).

The Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+ is an SPF that promises a bare skin effect with an ultra-matte and anti-blemish finish, designed for the oily/combination skin.



The Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+, contains a combination of mineral UVA/UVB filters and the cellular Bioprotection patent which protects the skin from UV damage immediately and with a long-lasting effect (very water-resistant). The cellular Bioprotection also activates the skin’s natural defences, protects the cells and fights premature skin ageing.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Photostable
  • Created for daily usage

The product has a 100% mineral screens formula, with the revolutionary Liquid-to-powder technology in three steps :

  • after the application, the volatile agents evaporate creating an extremely light formula.
  • a silky application that enables pigments and filters to be evenly spread across the skin for a perfectly protected, even complexion.
  • the hydrating agents penetrate the superficial layers of the skin, making way for a powdery, matte finish (up to 8 hours).

The SPF promises an instant matte skin and anti-imperfection effect by matifying the skin due to the soft-focus powders for an anti-shine action. The Salicylic acid in the formula smooths the skin texture and boosts the radiance of the skin. The Fluidactiv patent combined with the Capryloyl Glycine regulates the quantity and quality of sebum produced day after day and thereby prevents the appearance of skin imperfections. Quite a lot of promises, don’t you agree? Well let’s see how it worked for me.

Bioderma_photoderm_nude_touch_spf50+_beautyinfiveminutescom8The Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+ comes in three shades : Light, Natural and Golden. My shade is Natural and it comes in a plastic bottle of 40 ml/1.33 fl. oz. product with a valability of 6 months. The cap closes and tightens very well, which is very important since the product is very light and runny. I would have preferred for it to have a pump for a precise dosage (it is difficult to use since it drips very easily, you either take out too little or too much), for me it is the easiest to use with my hands.

Instructions for use : SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE until you hear the sound of the balls. After the daily hydrating skincare, apply to the face and neck before sun exposure, evenly and generously (insufficient quantity reduces sun protection level). Reapply frequently after swimming, rubbing or sports. Apply on healthy skin. From 10 years old onwards.



The shade is currently a bit light for me since I have a tan, but at the time I bought it, it was the right shade. The texture is very runny so you have to be careful not to get it on your clothes, it can stain them.

I have applied it on top of my face cream (a gel one) and directly over the cleansed face to see if there was a difference. On me the Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+, Natural tint doesn’t have a matte finish not even after setting on the skin. Initially it has a dewy effect, then it transforms into a satin finish. I have to admit I am disappointed by this. I have waited a product designed for combination/oily skin for so long and it doesn’t work as promised on me.

Therefore I have to set it with powder since it sits on my skin, it enters the pores and fine lines and it gathers in the fine wrinkles. It has a light coverage and it evens out the skin without covering the imperfections (you need a good concealer for that). The make-up lasts for about 6-8 hours without fading (depending on the outside temperatures). Since it does not have a mattifying effect on my skin from the beginning it doesn’t keep the shine away all day, after some 3-4 hours the shine breaks through and my face shines as it usually does. Big disappointment! You can see how it looks on me below :

I like the fact that it does not smell the way the SPF’s do. If you are scent sensitive this product will be well tolerated, it almost has no scent whatsoever. I did not have any skin reactions to it such as reddening or itching. You can check out the ingredients below :


You can find the Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+, Natural tint in stores and online at the price of aprox 50-60 ron, depending on the source.

Was it worth it ? For me, no (in the summer my skin is oily rather than complexion and the satin finish and the shine breaking through after a few hours disappointed me, I was expecting a stronger mattifying effect and a product which does not settle in pores and fine lines as bad as this does, setting it with a lot of powder is a must for me, which ruins the light make-up, high SPF effect I want in the summer).

In conclusion if you have a combination/oily skin you really need to test this product before buying it for both the effect on your skin and the right shade (by the way I haven’t seen testers for this product in the pharmacies!). I am sure it is a good SPF but it did not suit my skin. From me it gets the B grade. Tell me Have you tried this product ? What are your impressions ? Until next time,   Love, M




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  • monacocoreanu

    Pentru mine e cea mai buna crema cu Spf 50 pe care am folosit-o pana acum. Mi se potriveste de minune. Am luat-o in nuanta Light dupa ce am testat-o in Sensiblu, acolo au testere, in alte farmacii nu am vazut. In vara a fost o promotie cu 43 lei si atunci am cumparat-o.
    Asa cum ai spus nu ofera matifiere ci da un aspect sanatos tenului, iar daca nu o setez cu pudra libera luceste si mai mult :). Pe mine nu ma deranjeaza, dar ceea ce am vazut ca face e ca mi-a redus vizibil micile cosuri de pe zona T, nu ma ustura deloc tenul de la ea si in plus imi place efectul light de uniformizare.
    Ce pacat ca nu ti se potriveste, Monica. 🙁 Ai incercat sa o aplici dupa o crema hidratanta matifianta? poate asa ar merge.

    • Monica Tone

      Dupa o crema matifianta nu am incercat sa o aplic, e buna ideea. Voi incerca cu siguranta, nu iti poti imagina cat de rau imi pare ca nu ma inteleg cu ea. Aveam asa mari sperante ca ne vom iubi etern..mai incerc..

  • Arata foarte bine pe ten. L-aș incerca și eu. Mă atrage mult factorul mare de protecție 🙂

    • Monica Tone

      Asta m-a atras si pe mine, faptul ca are textura usoara, matifiaza, tine sebumul la distanta si are spf 50+.. din pacate pe tenul meu este prea dewy. Lucesc ca un bec…

  • Ishikawa Constantin Ioana

    Imi place mult felul tau de a scrie! Se vede ca esti profesoara! Ai in sange talentul de a explica si a convinge 😛

    • Monica Tone

      Multumesc mult, ma bucur ca iti place si iti este de ajutor, asta este scopul. Da, mereu am fost adepta stilului scurt si la obiect, daca te pierzi in detalii inutile iti pierzi clientii pe drum 🙂

  • Kate Rotari

    Și mie îmi este foarte greu să-mi aleg crema de protecție, am tot încercat și am renunțat, nu mi se potrivește niciuna. Am un ten problematic cu piele uscată și acnee matură. Articolul e foarte informativ, mi-a plăcut mult.

    • Monica Tone

      Cu mare drag, de asta scriu. Eu zic sa cauti testere in farmacii si sa incerci acasa produsul sa vezi cum reactioneaza cu tenul tau. E pacat sa dai banii pe un produs cu care nu te intelegi..

  • Raluca Manea

    Este un produs foarte bun! <3 Mai ales ca vine si in 3 nuante diferite, iar factorul de protectie mare nu poate fi decat un atuu.

    • Monica Tone

      Da, de asta imi pare asa de rau ca nu mi se potriveste.

  • EmaLaScoala

    Definitely, I like to test the products before I buy them. Some stores don’t have testers. For a cream with some shades it is a good way to find out if it is good for your skin. Nice story.

    • Monica Tone

      Thanks, this is why I write so I can be helpful for you 🙂

  • Stefania Petcu

    Factorul de protectie este super, iar pentru tenul meu gras chiar ar fi nemaipomenit si este si usor de purtat.

    • Monica Tone

      Da, sunt multe beneficii numai sa ti se potriveasca, daca poti sa il testezi inainte ar fi perfect

  • Daniela Oţet

    Am mai vazut acest produs pe undeva. Cert este că acum chiar mi-a atras atenția!

    • Monica Tone

      Ma bucur ca ti-am putut fi de ajutor 🙂

  • Natalia Miti

    Am mai citit păreri, eu nu l-am folosit dar imi doresc sa il testez si eu. Foarte util articolul. Multumesc

    • Monica Tone

      Cu mare drag, te mai astept si alta data pe blog 🙂

  • Monik Me

    Sounds good and still useful because the sun’s still there.

    Thumbs up for adding the ingredients list!

    • Monica Tone

      Thank you, yes, I always add the ingredients’ list for you to check out if interested. It’s very useful if you are prone to ingredients’ reactions.

  • Nicholas Rivera

    Am auzit multe lucururi bune despre produsele Bioderma, asa ca il pun pe lista de cumparat. (Oana D.)

    • Monica Tone

      Da, eu m-am inteles foarte bine cu apele lor micelare, vreau sa incerc si alte produse de la ei


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