beauty swap no4b

Beauty swapping is fun!

Another Beauty Swap by Beautybarometer (number 4!!) has gone by. I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll explain it in short : many, many beauty lovers and bloggers gather to swap cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and other little things that make us women very happy.

Swapping products between us is a great idea since we can change the products that are not suitable for us, or we don’t like for new products to try and discover. This is the greatest pleasure of a beauty blogger and lover like me (I think the other ladies also agree with me): the opportunity of always trying new things, discovering new brands, new beauty tehniques and entire new universe to explore.

The atmosphere was relaxed, warm and filled with fun and laughter. Each product was fiercely negotiated and brought a large smile on each girl’s face. Something new to test and discover! We were also spoiled with products from Herbalife and yummy juices from the Romanian brand Profructta to keep the energy high.

beauty swap no4h

beauty swap no4c

beauty swap no4d

beauty swap no4f

Thank you Beautybarometer for yet another successful beauty swap and our lovely hosts from Beauty Studio 190 for the warm hospitality with which you received us. Also thank you to all the generous sponsors that gave us yet again many products to try at home as homework; you can see them below. The gorgeous photos that captured so well the atmosphere at this beauty swap are done by the talented Letitia Iordanescu.

beauty swap no4i



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