Beauty News: Kat von D, Huda Beauty, Yves Rocher, Melkior, MUAH, C-Thru and more

Hello my lovey readers, today I’m back with a long post filled with the latest in beauty from many brands you know (or not) and love : Kat von D, Huda Beauty, Becca, Yves Rocher, Melkior, MUAH, C-Thru and more. I hope I have peaked your curiosity so let’s start the beauty show!

source: Cult beauty

The greatest news of them all is the future launch of Huda Beauty (September 2017) exclusively on Sephora online. Huda Kattan is a make-up artist and beauty blogger and in 2013 together with her two sisters started Huda Beauty with its own false lashes line that had and still has  great worldwide success. Later they ventured into the make-up products, the make-up palettes being one of the most loved products from Huda Beauty.

                             The newest make-up palette to be released.                                source: Cult beauty

Sephora brings has another surprise up its sleeve this autumn, starting from October 2017 the well loved Kat Von D products will be available in Sephora. Kat Von D is well known for her tattoos and her Tv shows and in 2008 started a collaboration with Sephora US launching her own make-up line who was and still is very successful. Her most loved products are the Everlasting Liquid lipsticks, her Lock-it foundations and powders, her Ink and Tattoo Liners and more. Can’t wait to play with them!

source: Sephora

Becca Cosmetics are available for some time now at Sephora, the products are wonderful and definitely worth the money (you can read the review of the Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette here). The latest product in the Becca range is the BECCA and Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette, a gorgeous limited edition face palette (203 ron) containing two pressed highlighters, one bronzer and one luminous blush. Since I adore my Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette I am considering very much buying this one too. No remorse whatsoever!


Speaking about liquid lipsticks I have a new release for you: MUAH (by Cupio). The brand launched 12 brand new Urban Vibe Matte Lipcolor liquid lipsticks (I am currently testing two shades: 50 shades of red and Beauty and the pink, a review on them will be posted in a few days, check out my Instagram if you want to see them on my lips @monicris79). These waterproof and very long-lasting lipsticks are very intensely pigmented and feel very light on the lips. The lips are not dry at all, they feel velvety soft and brightly colored up to 12 hours. There are shades for every taste and occasion: nudes, hot pinks and reds, burgundy and violet. You can find them on (soon on at the price of 25.90 ron (7 gr.).


Another new release is from Melkior: make-up eye shadow palettes for each eye color, it’s a great idea if you are in a hurry and don’t know what colors suit your eyes. For green eyes you can try the shades Red Leaf, Delicate Rose, Maroon, Beige Copper, Diaphane, Unique Touch. For blue eyes you can try the shades Olimpian Blue, Coral, Black Velvet, White Gold, Brown Sugar, Gold Metal. For brown eyes you can try the shades Desert Sand, Prune, Tropical Garden, Escape, Camee Rose, Sienna. You can buy them from at the price of 99.90 ron.


Melkior has also launched a Matte Stain liquid lipstick in 6 bold shades: Sexy, Happy, Joy, Ecstasy, Daring, Faithfully (I received for testing the dusky pink one Faithfully and I like it very much, I will write a separate review on it in the blog). The lipstick is a matte one that promises to last for a very long time and to hydrate the lips. You can find it on at the price of 49.90 ron.


Yves Rocher has many new yummy products in store for this autumn, you simply can’t miss! The first and most important is the Oui à l’Amour Eau de Parfum 50 ml (195 ron/62 pounds). The perfume is described as an unexpected encounter between a sparkling freshness and vibrant sensuality. It contains notes such as ANGELICA with crispy and green notes for a bursting freshness, ESSENTIAL ROSE (Damascena Rose), TONKA BEAN with almondy and warm notes for an enveloping softness and CEDAR WOOD, a woody note for an elegant finish.

The hand care is upped a notch with four new Plaisirs Nature hand creams with Bio Shea Butter and four wonderful scents: Olive Petit Grain, Mango Coriander, Bourbon Vanilla and Coconut. All of them have over 96% natural origin ingredients and no parabens or mineral oils. You can find them in stores and online at the price of 10.90 ron – 30 ml.

For the dry sky of the body there is a new Repair range containing a Repair Lotion with Shea Butter for very dry skin 41 ron/200 ml, 57 ron/390 ml flask with a pump, a Repair Balm for very dry skin 65 ron/150 ml and a Comforting Shower Balm – 99% natural origin ingredients, 67% vegetal oils 20 ron/200ml.


The beauty news continue with two new Wash&Go shampoo ranges available, one with Fruits Extract for 100% volume and all hair types. Enriched with orange, grape, lemon and strawberries extracts (I imagine it smells yummy!!) it gently cleanses and cares for the hair, leaving it perfumed and fresh for the entire day. It can be found in stores at the price of 11,40 ron/400 ml and 18.90 ron/750 ml.


The second range of Wash&Go shampoo is more to my liking, it is dedicated to oily, greasy hair and has Herbal Extracts with purifying properties for clean, shiny hair with 100% volume. It promises to gently cleanse the hair, not drying it and keeping it healthy and beautiful. You can find it in stores at the price of 8.10 ron/200 ml, 11.40 ron/400 ml and 18.90 ron/750 ml. There is also a conditioner in the range, that perfectly complements the shampoo and it costs 8.10 ron/180 ml.


The bath time cannot be complete without the pampering shower gels and I have some old and new ones to tell you about. The Tesori d’Oriente bath ranges are one of my favourite ones, due to their fab scents and the texture of the products.

There are five citrus-based bath ranges starting with Japanese Rituals (citrus, grapefruit and bergamot for a body and mind cleansing ritual), Aegyptus (bergamot and a less known citrus type to recreate the Egyptian art of caring for the body), Hammam – my fave (with orange blossoms, lemon and tangerine for a seductive and exotic Arabic bath ritual), Royal Oud (citrus and tangerine for relaxing the senses and calming the mind) and last but not least Lotus Flower (heavy in citrus and vitamin C for a great anti-oxidant effect).

There are two types of textures in these ranges, the bath creams 19 ron (in the tall bottles) and the shower creams 12 ron (in the ergonomic bottles with the hanging chains). As you can see the bath time can easily become a time for pampering the body and relaxing the mind, a moment only to yourself, so enjoy it with Tesori d’Oriente.


Elmiplant also has beauty news for us this autumn: they have re-launched their two shower gels in the two well known variants creamy and transparent, with improved formulas, new scents and new packaging so as to be easy to use and a feast for the eyes and senses.

elmiplant_newshowergels_beauty_news_september2017_beautyinfiveminutescom1The Cream Shower Gels (pictured above) consist of a combination of natural ingredients (100% organic shea butter), creamy texture and a balanced PH to gently cleanse and hydrate for a smooth, healthy skin. There are several yummy scents in the range: Nourishing Touch (with honey and yoghurt for an intense care of the skin), Exotic Elixir (with cranberry and passion fruit extract for a boost of vitality), Moisture Miracle (with iris extract, argan, macadamia and sweet almond oils to nourish the skin), Yummy Delight (with vanilla and lemon to relax and refresh the skin), Tropical Dream (with papaya and kiwi extract to refresh and awaken the senses) and the final one Cotton Fresh (with cotton extract to hydrate and prevent the dehydration of the skin).  No parabens, paraffin or colorants.


The Clear Shower Gels (pictured above) consist of four variants of exotic combinations, clear texture and refreshing effect but also keeps hydrating the skin with the Nutrimoist complex. There are four exotic scents : Passion Mood (with ylang ylang and passion flower extract revives the skin and envelops it in a mysterious aura), Calming Spa (with frangipani extract and argan oil to soothe and relax the skin), Freshen Up (with mango and acai berry extract to give the skin a boost of freshness and vitality) and finally Aqua Breeze (with algae and sea minerals to energize the skin and carry the senses in a mysterious voyage over the seas). No parabens, paraffin or colorants. You can find all Elmiplant shower gels in stores and online at the price of 8.75 ron/400 ml and 14,40 ron/750 ml.

And last but not least another perfumed launch this time from C-Thru : Black Beauty, a hypnotizing oriental-woody scent to seduce the senses. The top notes are citrusy and spicy, following with sweet vanilla and oriental orchid notes, finishing with base notes of santal wood, patchouli and amber. These notes are meant for a strong woman, who is bold and confident in her power of seduction. You can try the scent in Deo Body Spray, 150ml – 12,5 ron , Deo Natural Spray, 75 ml – 20,5 ron and Eau de Toilette, 30ml – 32 ron.

As you can see, there are many new products to see and try and many more will come. I am really excited to see what are the news and products the beauty brands will bring next, I am sure they will be great. And I am going to share them with you as per usual. I will be back with many reviews on some of the products I’ve tried on my holiday and over the summer so check out the blog. Tell me : What are the products you are most looking forward to try from this beauty news post ? Until next time,   Love, M

P.S.  Thanks for having the patience to read this mammoth post. You rock!   :))


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  • carmen alexa

    All this goodies….. i want to try the top three brands mentioned on your post. I’m interested mostly on Kat Von D product 😛

    • Monica Tone

      They are very good. I have the foundation and one liquid lipstick and I like them, I have to review them on the blog. They are quite expensive but they are worth it.

  • Stefy Sinka

    Interesanta partea cu machiajul, desi nu e domeniul meu. Culorile m-au atras, recunosc.

    • Monica Tone

      Sunt faine culorile, trebuie sa iti faci curaj si sa te joci putin cu machiajul. Este asa de distractiv 🙂

  • Daniela Oţet

    Imi place tare mult articolul. Mai asteptam si altele!

    • Monica Tone

      Cu drag, sper sa iti fie de folos. Te mai astept pe blog.

  • Deja mă gândesc la iluminatoarele de la Becca 😍😍

    • Monica Tone

      Sunt un vis, super pigmentate. Eu numai pe ele le folosesc desi mai si de la alte branduri. Mai vreau sa imi iau.. addicted much ? :))

  • monacocoreanu

    Iti doresc sa iti indeplinesti dorinta, minunata paleta Becca, dar si pretul e pe masura.
    Eu sunt curioasa de noul parfum Yves Rocher, din cate am inteles e un oriental floral si sigur o sa-mi placa. Ramane de testat cand va aparea in magazin.
    Si gelul de dus cu frangipani de la Elmiplant nu e de ocolit, celelalte arome le-am tot recumparat. Cu proxima ocazie il pun in cos. 🙂

    • Monica Tone

      Si eu sunt curioasa de parfumul de la YR, ma inteleg bine cu ele, cred ca imi va placea si asta. Da, de Becca sunt deja dependenta, am si cealalta paleta, m-a costat un car de bani dar nu imi pare rau deloc. Este superba si isi merita banii, numai pe ea o folosesc :))

      • monacocoreanu

        Asa da. Conteaza mult sa isi merite investitia. Am vazut paleta in celalalt articol. .superba! 🙂

        • Monica Tone

          O port si acum pe obraji si ochi, pun o poza cu machiajul pe Instagram :))

  • Oana Alexandru

    Ce de noutati si bunatati 🙂

    • Monica Tone

      O, da multe, si mai erau dar nu am vrut sa fac o telenovela fluviu pe aici, si asa sunteti eroi ca ati rezistat pana la final :))

  • Raluca Bădița

    Yves Rocher este marca mea preferata. Nu am mai luat de mult timp de la ei, dar ador in special parfumurile si gelurile de dus

    • Monica Tone

      Si eu la fel, dar descopar acum si produsele lor de ingrijire 🙂

  • Gia Gianina

    Am testat deja rujul Matte Lip Stain de la Melkior si a devenit rujul meu mat favorit din vara anului 2017! Paleta personalizata pentru culoarea ochilor mi se pare o investitie bunicica, daca nu ai deja unele nuante de acolo. Despre Huda Beauty nu stiam, mi se pare foarte frumoasa paleta ce va fi lansata in septembrie, poate ajunge si pe la noi mai repede :))

    • Monica Tone

      Fardurile Melkior sunt foarte calitative pentru pretul lor, pigmentate si rezistente. Paleta Huda din imagine tocmai ce se va lansa in afara, la noi habar nu am ce va ajunge..daca va ajunge probabil la cateva luni distanta.. dar e bine si asa 🙂

  • Luca Raluca

    Acest articol ar trebui să se intituleze “Cum sa dai faliment!”. Trebuie să testez si eu rujurile de la Melkior.

    • Monica Tone

      O da, faliment la greu si pe termen mediu si abia a inceput sezonul de noutati..o sa fie jale mare..

  • Drumul vietii

    O ador pe Kat! Urmaream mereu serialul despre tatuajele pe care le realiza alaturi de colegii ei!
    Nu stiam ca exista si produse cu numele ei!

    • Monica Tone

      O da, si destul de multe. A devenit unul din brandurile de machiaj cele mai iubite, ma bucur mult ca ajunge si pe la noi.

  • Sanda Brezniceanu

    O sa fiu numai ochi pe Sephora ca sa-mi pot lua si eu produse de la Kat Von D.

    • Monica Tone

      Da, si eu cred ca la inceput vor fi disponibile online apoi si in magazine.

  • Corina Cosa

    tare mult imi doresc sa testez si eu ceva de la Kat von D aia 🙂

  • Ene Maria

    Minunata paleta Becca isi merita banii.


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