Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral & Flirty Blush, review

Hello my lovely readers today I have a short and sweet review on a product I cannot live without, my dry shampoo, this time the Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral & Flirty Blush. I have oily hair and it gets oily very quickly so I save the day with my dry shampoo when I am out of time to wash it. I have used Batiste dry shampoos before (Batiste XXL, Batiste Original) and I really liked them.


Batiste Dry Shampoo is a starch based product with an innovative ‘no water needed formula’ which banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull lifeless hair the makeover that it needs without any water. A quick burst revitalizes hair leaving it feeling clean and fresh. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo.

Instructions for use : Batiste is simple and easy to use. Shake the can vigorously before use. Separate hair into sections and spray into roots in quick short bursts (holding the can about 30cm away from your hair). Leave for a few moments, massage through, brush out any excess and you are good to go!

For extra texture and body don’t brush through. Batiste can be used on most types of hair. It’s fabulous if you have fine flyaway hair as it can give your hair texture and added volume. If you don’t want that volume effect, simply brush out any excess after massaging through.

I have had the 400ml/ 13.46 oz bottle. I have followed the instructions and the results were good, my hair lost its greasy appearance, but had no volume as with the XXL Volume. The Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral & Flirty Blush has a very sweet-floral, pleasant scent which I liked.

The ingredients are below :


You can find it in all Sensiblu pharmacies, Douglas shops and online ( at the price of aprox. 5 pounds/26 ron.

All in all, Batiste  Dry Shampoo Floral & Flirty Blush is great for refreshing the oily hair. It doesn’t add volume and body to my fine hair. I love it but I still prefer to buy the XXL Volume for the extra volume it gives my hair! I love the all Batiste Dry Shampoos I have tried so far, I am definitely trying some more, so expect some new Batiste reviews on the blog soon. Until next time ,  Love, M







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