A perfect day

Sunday I felt it was one of those days that are just perfect, unforgettable, filled with the right people and the right feelings and emotions. I started my day early in the morning with Beautybarometer‘s 3rd blog anniversary. She is one of my inspirations and a lovely person from whom you can learn a lot.

Our lovely hosts were Alina and Anduela from Arome de Lux . I was really pleasantly surprised by their warmth, kindness and hospitality. Their shop is my kind of shop, a little cosy place full of light and warmth in which you can linger and enjoy at your own pace the perfume, exploring all its magic at its full potential. A heaven for all perfume lovers! I will definitely be back! It’s worth checking out!

Our lovely and gracious host Ana delighted us with a gorgeous cake and many, many products for testing, some of them being exclusive to the event.

Time flew away in a great beauty blogging company with many of my very favourite bloggers which I admire and love. And we talked with passion about everything beauty, especially perfumes and giving our lovely hosts Alina and Anduela from Arome de Lux a run for their money. A lovely company and a great morning!

with Tavia from Chicprofile
with Camelia from Coltul Cameliei

Thank you to all the sponsors who gave us many products to test : Arome de lux, Magnifique Skin, Farmec Gerovital, L’Occitane en Provence, Marionnaud, Sephora, Vectem, Elmiplant  and Melvita. I left full of bags feeling like a glam diva after an amazing shopping spree!

And the day wasn’t over yet! We left Arome de lux and headed for Cosmobeauty to support Dana from Danamakeup.ro at her live make-up presentation. In truly divaness we arrived too late but we browsed once more through the offers so as not to miss a thing!

We felt like talking some more, laughing some more, sharing the same passions and emotions, so we ended up at a lovely Trattoria where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and we continued the discussions. And we met new friends who shared the same passions for all things beauty like us.

A great day, filled with friends old and new, laughter and joie du vivre! Live every moment and embrace your passions! Until next time ,

photo credits :  stephanine.co , imacocktail.com

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